Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Dukes and Librarians. The city of Nacrene.

I pass through the gates and into Nacrene. Just outside the closest converted warehouse apartment I spot Juniper's assistant, Cherry.

Me: Hello Cherry.

Cherry: Hello Pent. Juniper asked me to deliver something to you. Don't know why she couldn't of just asked Bronco. Anyway, here you are.

~+~ Pent recieved some Chesto Berries! ~+~

Cherry: Yeah. Those things can wake sleeping pokemon if they hold them. Noone really knows how they're able to eat them while sleeping... Anyways, I'm off. -Walks back towards Nuvema Town-

I explore the city a bit, have a quick lunch in the Warehouse Cafe (Awesome accordionist by the way) and head off towards the museum.

(As I like to call it, the Obligitory Museum.)

As I approach the entryway the Black-Clad Fangirl comes out of it, polishing a plain-looking gym badge.

Me: Hello again.

BCF: Well hello again as well. You here to take on the gym?

Me: Yeah.

BCF: Hm... Well how about I test you to see if you're ready for it. -Draws a pokeball- Go, Pidove! -Sends out a Pidove-

Me: Very well. -Sends out Oakley-

-A reasonably-long battle later-

BCF: -Recalling a Timburr- Wow, you pretty much wiped me out there!

Me: Maybe if you used the Purrloin from last time you might have had a better shot.

BCF: She's resting from my battle aginst Lenora. Well, I guess I better head off, can't leave my gym challenge waiting too long. -Leaves, heading towards Castella City-

I head into the museum. The assistant director is standing just inside.

Assistant Director Hawes: Welcome to the Nacrene City Museum! Would you like a free audio tour?

Me: Eh, might as well take a tour before taking on the gym.

Hawes: Okay. -Just stands in front of the Dragonite skeleton- This skeleton is of a Dragonite, a dragon-type pokemon that-

Me: -Is not found in Unova.

Hawes: Actually it is found in Unova. Just in the eastern side of it.

Me: That's actually a little interesting.

Hawes: -Runs over to a meteor- This meteor is one of several that broke off the larger meteor DXA3 when it broke up in the atmosphere above the Hoenn region several years ago. It seems to contain a few scraps of RNA and DNA, albeit incomplete and dormant scraps.

(Just a little bit of Fanon to link Deoxys and all the meteor chunks you use to transform it.)

Hawes: -Runs over to a painting of a man in regal outfit standing in front of what appears to be one of the warehouses when it was under construction- This painting is of Willheim Smyth, the first and last Duke of the city of Nacrene. He was born and raised in western Sinnoh until his aunt, the Duchy of -Trails off as I head into the actual gym section of the museum-