Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Plazmorons in the Dreamyard

I walk up to the Dreamyard and look around.

Me: <Now where could I find a Munna?>

I step up to a small tree and push it aside.

Bronco: MR FIVESIDE! PACKAGE! -Crashes into me, snapping the small tree in half in the process-

Me: Yes Bronco?

Bronco: Package. -Hands me a package- You left it behind at the hostel.

I open up the package and dump the contents into my bag.

Bronco: So... What're you doing?

Me: -Slipping into the hole in the wall- Trying to find some Dream Mist for Fennel. -Hears something inside the ruined building- Looks like someone beat us here... -Starts sneaking-

Bronco: Ooh. Whoops. Ooh. -Starts sneaking, badly-

Me: -Looks out from behind a wall, two people in uniforms are kicking a Munna- It's those morons from the plaza again...

Plazmoron 1: -Stops kicking for a moment- Hey Phil, do you ever get the feeling someone's watching you?

Plazmoron Phil: No. Now get back to work, the boss says Dream Mist will fetch a good price in back in Slateport.

Me: Slateport?

Bronco: Where's Slateport?

The Plazmorons turn and look at where we are hiding.

Me: -Facepalm-

Bronco: Oh, sorry. Where's Slateport?

Plazmoron Phil: Ahem. Who's back there?

Bronco: Um... Just a couple of... Trees! Yes, just some trees doing tree things and not spying on you two at all!

Plazmoron 1: Oh, fine. -Goes back to kicking the Munna-

Plazmoron Phil: -Goes over to where we are hiding and peers around the wall- You don't look like trees.

Bronco: Um... Yes we do!

Plazmoron: Ha ha. -Draws pokeball- Yeah right. -Sends out a Patrat- I think you know where this is going.

Me: -Standing up and drawing a pokeball of my own- Yes I do. But I don't think you'd like it.

A short battle later...

Plazmoron 1: Wow Phil, he got you good!

Plazmoron Phil: Just send out your pokemon Lennette!

Plazmoron Lennette: Oh, sure. Go Sweetie! -Sends out a Purrloin- Sweetie, DESTROY THE INTERLOPERS. -The Purrloin leaps at me-

Another short battle later...

Plazmoron Lennette: Ouchie! -Recalls the Purrloin-

Plazmoron Phil: -Now carrying the Munna- Screw this, I'm outta here. We can get the mist out of this thing later! -Goes to leave but is stopped by the sudden appearence of a man in a navy pinstripe suit and a wide-brim hat obscuring his face-

Suit Man: Why have you failed me Phillip?

Plazmoron Phil: I-I'm sorry b-b-b-boss!

Me: <He seems familiar...>

Suit Boss: -Another appearing to the left of Plazmoron Phil- Leaving a witness? That dissapoints me... -Another appears to the right of Phil- And you know what happens to those who dissapoint me...

Plazmoron Phil: Eep! -Drops the Munna and runs-

Plazmoron Lennette: Wait up Phil! -Runs after Phil-

Bronco goes over and heals the Munna a little with a Potion.

Bronco: There you go little guy...

A Musharna floats in and escorts the Munna back to wherever it came from in the first place.

Bronco: Aww, there they go! -Waves as they leave-

I pocket the Dream Mist that the Munna left behind and head back to Striaton City to deliver it to Fennel.