Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Panpours in the Mists

I wander out onto Route 2 and remember my new pair of running shoes I picked up before I left Johto.

(In game, your Mom calls you and gives you the shoes on the Route itself. The pic for Mom looks quite good.)

I emerge from Route 2 and into the next city, heal up and head to the resturant for lunch.

After lunch and registering for a gym battle later this afternoon I head out to a local grassy area for some training.

Said grassy area being the Dreamyard, where no grass is accessable without Cut. Instead I battle the other trainers there. At least until...

A Male Panpour: <Aha!> -Knocks Oakley's pokeball out of my hand- <You shall cease combat at once!>

Me: Why?

Panpour: <Aha! Just as I suspected!> -Gets all up in my face yo- <You are none other, than->

Me: Pentigan of the J-Team.

Panpour: <-Gamer Goldma... I mean Pentigan of the J-Team!> -Bows- <It is an honor.>

Me: Let me guess, you want to fight alongside me?

Panpour: <Yes, I have heard much from the elders of my clan of this J-Team.>

Me: Well... I do need someone to cover for Oakley's type issue for the upcoming battle...

Panpour: <Then it is settled.>

Me: Okay, do you have a name?

Panpour: -Thinks for a moment- <There are those who know me as... "Thatstupidmonkeything"> -Pans arm across while saying the name-

Me: That's a little long. (Nicknames can only be 7 characters)

Panpour: <Well I do have one other name, one so secret I can only tell you it in a whisper.> -Gets all up in my ear- <This name is... Carl>

Me: Car-

Panpour: <DON'T SAY IT! My name must only be said in a whisper.>

Me: Fine. Welcome to the team Carl.

I properly catch Carl and make my way back to town, it was time for my gym battle.


Nitpick mode: Nicknames can be up to 10 characters.
Mezzopiano 2nd Jul 11
I thought the limit was 12.
strawberryflavored 3rd Jul 11
Why did he mistake you for me? We look nothing alike, and our battling styles are totally different! And besides, I would at least have my trademark Dusknoir Kratos with me.n
gamerex27 9th Jul 11