God Digs Giant Robots: Let's Play Xenogears!

Shield Of Doom

Gear Recovery

I swear I can update in a timely manner. Maybe.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, stealing back Fei's giant robot.

As I leave the doctor's house, she tells me to knock on the door if I want to be let in. Good to know, that.

As we enter D Block, some Battlers show up to talk to us. They insist on being somewhere where people can't find us, so we head to Fei's room. There, they explain that Rico Touch Rustrod is going to be executed and needs our help. Apparently the Ethos tried to use him to kill the Kaiser or something.

While we're discussing this, Hammer arrives with the times for the supply trains. One's going through tonight.

Also, the hangar we're breaking into connects to the arena.

Where Rico Beef Blastbody is going to be executed.

In other news, the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series.

At any rate, our plan is as follows:
  1. Hitch a ride on the supply train.
  2. Get Weltall back.
  3. Escape through the arena, saving Rico Big McLargeHuge in the process.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

One of the Battlers gives Fei 2000 golds for agreeing to help.

After a bit of rest, it's time for us to catch a train. The music gets nice and ominous for this bit, but really all I have to do is climb up a tower near the train tracks and jump onto the train. There is a bit of a scare when the train starts falling apart, but I manage to jump to the locomotive quickly enough.

Before long, we reach the area with the hangar. Unfortunately the door leading right there is locked, so we'll have to take the long way around.

As I try to move through one door, I encounter some losers talking about the execution. Instead of moving through the door they came from, I wlwct to take the air vents, where I can fight Hobgobs and Batrats (WHY?????), along with Mechanics.

My path takes me through a room where I have to push a crate in order to jump onto some other crates. It also has some vents I can look through, which show:
  • Weltall in the Gear hangar.
  • Some security guards pretending to be busy.
  • Some Gears getting into elevators.
  • Some mechanic dude worrying about something.

Eventually I find a room where some mechanics are returning the master key to its place, at which point some other mechanic tells them to come watch the execution. This allows me to pilfer the key, along with a Frame HP30. That last item can be equipped on a Gear to allow it to restore 30% of its HP in battle. I replace one of the MagneticCoats Weltall is using with it despite not having access to the thing at the moment.

Now that I'm out of the vents, I can fight Swordsmen. They do quite a bit of damage with their swords, but nothing I can't handle.

On my journey through the hangar area, I use the master key to steal a Beam Coat from the room with the pushable crate, whilst using more conventional methods to gain various other things. This includes a doll (sorry, "action figure") one of the security guards was playing with, but when I take it I have to fight four Swordsmen (the doll itself's just a Minigear). One of them drops an Evasion Ring, which silently raises my Evade% by 40 whilst removing the ability to randomly block.

After that bout of guard murder, I find myself back at the room I entered through. I proceed through the door to the Gear hangar, where I steal back my Gear. There's also a Gear shop here, where they sell the engines and armour Hammer had along with this stuff:
  • Frames:
    • WELT-04300 (3200G): For Weltall. 4300 HP
    • WELT-05100 (4400G): For Weltall. 5100 HP
    • VIER-04000 (2900G): For Vierge. 4000 HP
    • HEIM-05400 (4600G): For Heimdal. 5400 HP
    • HEIM-06400 (4900G): For Heimdal. 6400 HP
    • STIE-06900 (5600G): For Stier. 6900 HP
  • Weapons:
    • Hot RodG (4200G): Gear rod. Attack of 24.
  • Other equipment:
    • Extra Ar+1 (50G)
    • Extra Ar+2 (75G): Defense +8
    • Extra Ar+3 (100G): Defense +10
    • Reap Circuit (2500G)
    • Def Circuit (2500G)
    • Frame HP10 (250G): Allows Gears equipped with it to restore 10% of their HP in combat.

I upgrade my frame and buy a Hot RodG, then save my game. The next sequence contains multiple boss fights without a chance to save, so I'm going to stop here for now.