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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 14

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Meru: misunderstanding thing.

Updated: 12-06-10

Twenty one days until the fat man visits your house.

Chapter 14 : Rebirth part 4

"They're getting stronger and stronger... Whose memories are those? I know him," Yune said. She then turns back to the group. "Everyone, Ashera is nearby. Just beyond those doors... That's where we'll find her."

"We made it. Finally..." Ike said with a bit of relief.

"You should know, Ashera might have changed since before her slumber. Order and chaos are meant to naturally balance each other out. If you take one away, balance is lost. I don't expect Ashera to have the merest shred of compassion. Talking to her will likely do no good."

"We don't have much choice. If talking won't work, we'll have to use force. Otherwise, this has all been for nothing." The group walks up the stairs and across the floor, and then stops. "How about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you completely chaotic? Are you out of balance? As far as I can tell, you don't seem to lean too far in either direction."

Predictability is a weakness, being chaotic when your title is the goddess of chaos means being predictable.

"Ashera and I see things a little differently... During my long sleep, I was wrapped in sweet, gentle music."

"Heron galdrar?"

"Yes, but more important than the song itself, I was never alone. There was always someone, singing comfort to me. Ashera shouldn't have isolated herself. She became lonely and bitter, and lost touch with her people..." Ike then walks forward, to the door.

"Hold on... This thing won't budge."

"What's wrong with it?"

"Those doors cannot be opened." Sephiran walks forward; everyone turns to look at him. "They have been sealed with powerful magic," Sephiran said to everyone.

Meet the penultimate boss. What follows is going to be a ton of lifted dialog that would actually mean something to you if you played both games. Long story short, this guy is the Big Bad who set everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, up. He's also a total push over compared to the dragon boss, as in, his stats are half across the board, even lower in defense, and higher magic and resistance. What does that mean? Means you grab any physical user and steamroll this guy right over.

"Sephiran! You're all right... I'm so relieved to see you!" Sanaki exclaimed. She runs forward to him; he bends down on one knee.

"I'm sorry to have been a cause for concern, Apostle. Forgive me."

"Sephiran... There's something I need to tell you. I'm not a true apostle. I didn't mean to abuse your trust."

"I've known that for some time, Sanaki. Don't forget that I was almost a father to you. It honestly doesn't make any difference to me whether or not you can hear the goddess."

"Sephiran... Th-thank you...for having always been there for me." Ike then walks forward to him.

"Empress... Shouldn't you tell him about General Zelgius?" asked Ike.

"Yes...I suppose I should. Sephiran, Zelgius is dead... I know you put a lot of trust in him, but he was also closely allied with Daein. I'm sure you've heard of Daein's so-called Black Knight? Sephiran, the Black Knight was Zelgius."

'I think it's best to keep it a secret that he's actually alive.' I thought.

Can't run the risk of having Ike grind him back into hamburger again, after all, Meru thinks Black Knight is a pretty cool guy. eh kills Griel and doesn’t afraid of anything.

"...But that's probably not news to you, is it? After all, it was you he was taking orders from," said Ike. Sanaki then turns to Ike.

"Wha-? Ike? What are you saying?" Sanaki asked confused

"A man like Zelgius could never serve conflicting interests... Never. Everything he did, he did for one master. Isn't that so, Sephiran?" Sanaki then turns to Sephiran.

"I think I understand! You wanted to monitor events within Daein! You sent Zelgius as a spy."

"Precisely. I felt it important to observe King Ashnard carefully... That was my goal. At the time, it was relatively easy to get an outsider close to the king. Ashnard was famous for employing powerful men with no regard for their background or social status." said Sephiran.

"Obviously, he would have needed no convincing once he saw the bladework of General Zelgius. The Black Knight tried to take the medallion from my father, and killed him. Tell me, Sephiran, whose plan was that? Ashnard's...or yours?" asked Ike. Then Sanaki turns to him.

"Calm down, Ike! Sephiran? Would you please explain?" Sanaki questioned still confused.

"Sir Ike, I'm afraid your father's death was an unfortunate result of Zelgius's own personal agenda. I did not order Sir Gawain killed. However, I must admit that I did ask him to seize the medallion and hand it over to King Ashnard. The goddess was to be freed...and all living creatures destroyed," Sephiran just simply said

Yeah, Ike's got some brains. More importantly, what's an evil plan worth unless it eliminates all life on the face of the planet?

"...Come again?"

"You're insane!" Ike yelled.

"I couldn't be more sane, Sir Ike. Attend and learn... My aim has always been to wake Ashera so that she might pass judgment on all the people of the world. What I needed was a war that would spread all across the continent. How could I achieve this? My attention turned to the young Daein prince... I could use the fiery Ashnard for my purposes. He was ambitious, a fierce warrior, and more than anything, he had an earnest desire to change the world. When I allowed him to know of the goddess sealed inside the medallion, he became determined to set her free. We could use heron galdrar or a massive, continent-spanning war to throw the world into chaos," Sephiran said.

"Lord Sephiran, what are you saying? Are you saying you wanted this? You can't be serious!" Sanaki exclaimed.

"Sanaki, my long life has shown me the people of this world deserve only destruction. The selfishness, the brutality... The disregard for others, the endlessly quarreling laguz and beorc. We have been given many chances to correct our behavior and ourselves, and have squandered them all. The only remaining hope for a peaceful, orderly world is for Ashera to wipe us all out and begin again. To fulfill my ambition of destroying all beings, I had to use you... I had to betray you."

Damn cynics, trying to ruin the fun for everyone else.

"This is some kind of monstrous joke..." Sanaki then drops to her knees.

"So you've been pulling the strings all along?" Ike asked Sephiran.

"Correct." Sephiran said.

"Beyond just Empress Sanaki, you were trusted by a lot of people. Sephiran, I need to understand... Did you really betray all of those people?"

"I did."

"I don't get it... Why would you wake the goddess to pass judgment on us? Tell us why! How could you want that?"

"It wouldn't make any difference if I told you. You would have to live a few centuries before you could understand."

"Years ago, my father went into hiding with the medallion. At the time, he got help from both you and Zelgius. Does this have anything to do with that?"

"Hmm, you seem to have sparked a distant memory of mine."

"Answer me. Why did you do this?"

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. At least, not in any way you would understand." Then Ike levels his blade and points Ragnell at Sephiran.

"Then I'll have to make you talk!" With that Sanaki rises to her feet.

"This can't be happening! I won't fight you Sephiran. I can't!" exclaimed Sanaki.

"Poor Sanaki... You'll have no choice but to fight. The doors leading to Ashera are sealed by my very own magic. Killing me is your only way through," said Sephiran.

So then, if he gets revived afterward, does the magic return? Because he's totally bishonen enough to deserve to live.


"So it was you? [She walks forward] All those memories penetrating my mind were yours... Since we entered this place, I've seen what you've been thinking, Lehran. Give it up," said Yune.

"Goddess Yune... Why do you insist on calling me that name? I discarded it so long ago, Yune. I've changed. Lehran is a thing of the past. All I want the end of all that is. Please don't stop me." said Sephiran.

"Lehran..." Then a warp symbol appears under Sephiran, and he warps to the center of the room.

"You're running out of time. At this rate, I wouldn't count on being able to face the goddess. I would hate to see you denied after coming all this way. Well, now you know who brought you here and why... I suppose that just leaves our fight to the death to take care of."

"Well this is it Mer. Our second battle to the end." Edward said to me.

"Yeah…. I just wish that I was able to spend more time with you guys. But most of it with you Fayt." I said trying to fight back tears.

"What are you talking about?"

"She's thinking that, after all of this is over, she has to go back to her own world." Leo explained.


I guess we're just going to have to find another person to murder in cold blood to return here, right?

"Well, we won't forget about you. Right Laura?" Edward asked.

"Right." She said happily.

"Hau~ thanks guys. Oh Fayt I want to give you something real quick." I said to Fayt giving him a handmade star necklace.

Well, this has gotten to a level of touching that makes me sick. Plus, when did you make that Meru?

"A necklace?" He said surprised.

"a good-luck necklace made by me. That way you will always remember me and you'll have good luck. Nano desu!~"

Nano desu actually sounds like it'd mean something.

And surely, one Google search later, it apparently means "that is so". Yeah, I don't think the author actually knows what it means. On the other hand, I now think Meru_64 is a fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

"Thanks Meru."

"Mii~ Alright come on guys! Get ready aaaand GO!" I yelled starting the battle. I was the first one to get to Sephiran obviously.

Obviously, because Meru's the battlefield leveling torrent of fury.

"That sword. That is the legendary sword Sakura is it not? What happen to it's shine. That has been missing for hundreds of year till a girl named Rein found it." Sephiran said to me.

"My mother found this? Then it is my family's heirloom. I don't get it. I mean I seen the sword shine before but how could it end up in my world if my mother already has it?"

Ready for this people? We'll finally get some Meru related plot explained!

"Who are you?"

"My name is Meru Furude. And obviously I'm a girl. So my mother found this sword. That's how it became a family heirloom."

Meru's slipping very fast back into Captain Obvious territory again. Also, this is how many times Meru's gender has been brought up again?

"You're not from here are you Meru?"

"You're right Lehran, but I do know a lot about you and your descendent was the first branded."

Ancestor, right, you mean ancestor? Cause there's plenty of half-beorc half-laguz running around right now.

"You know about that name and my history. You knew this was going to happen in the first place didn't you?"

"Yes… I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking if I knew all along why didn't stop you."

Hey, hey! Remember, Meru can read your thoughts!

"Because it wouldn't really matter in the first place. Your plans on doing this still would've happen whether or not I stop you. I just making sure that everyone lives through this. No matter how much pain and sorrow, its best for them to keep living on."

"Do you believe Ashera will be stop?"

"Of course. And I'll do anything to make that happen. The difference between you and me is that I believe and have faith in others, to make this world a better place. I believe this world WILL be a better place without Ashera wiping out everyone in it!"

IDEALISM, bitch! Do YOU believe in it?

"You have the same belief as your mother. What do you know about Sakura?"

"All I know is that the sword Sakura, is the blessed sword of the Furude family which my mother first found accepting her as the rightful owner. I more. Can you please tell me Lehran?"

"There is a legend saying that a girl with beautiful long blue silvery hair that shines in the moonlight. They call her the Moonlight princess. They say that she blessed a sword to help the goddess Yune in the war but was unable to find a rightful owner."

That's almost as girly sounding as... Twilight Princess.

"That sounds like the story my mother used to tell me."

"But there is more. It is said that she sealed them way leaving them lost in history until a girl stowed upon it. That would be your mother. But shortly after, she was gone in a bright light bringing the sword with her. She became famous throughout Tellius in mere moments. As she was here, she gave hope, kindness, and most of all. Love."

Well gee, Meru's starting to become the messiah while this story pulls every cliche out of the box without irony or finesse. Now, let's weaponize that love and chop his head off.

"I can't believe it. I guess that's how it all became to be. I can't believe it. My mother did all of this. She knew this was going to happen in the first place."

"And right now the only thing there is left for us, is to fight."

You know, right now I'd be rambling on about how this could all be possible but I think I'll just end all of this in one giant wild mass guess as its own update.

"-sniffs- Yes you're right Sephiran. Let's us." With that the fight between us began. I kept using my light spells on him while running , but he hit me with his magic on my arm. "ouch….." I yelped laying on the ground. Then I spotted Laura, Edward, Leo, Fayt, and Ike running. "Meru! Are you ok?" Fayt asked helping me sit up.

Yeap, first guy to lay a hit on Meru. This is all the more jarring if you've actually fought him in game and seen how easy he is compared to the last boss. Meru must have luck and strength through the roof with almost no HP and magic resistance since the first time she gets hit, she's down.

"Hau~ just a bit of healing… ha.. ha.."

"Don't worry I'm coming!" Laura shouted at me. After Laura healed my arm, we all went back to fighting. After some time, Sephiran collapsed. Micaiah and Sanaki then run up to him and the others backed off except Ike and me.

Still the master of writing fight scenes, I see. On the other hand, this is quite a milestone for this fanfic, Meru actually needed help to get something done, even if it was a quick and easy cash in on making her seem not totally perfect.

"...Sephiran!" exclaimed Micaiah.

"Sephiran! Hold on! Open your eyes!" pleaded Sanaki.

" me. What should I do? ...What? Really? ...OK. I'll try."

"" said Sephiran.

"Sephiran! You can hear me? S-somebody help! He's wounded!" exclaimed Sanaki!

"I'm sorry, Sanaki. The doors leading to Ashera won't open while he's alive. I can't save him," said Yune.

"That's correct. Thank you, Yune. I am sincerely grateful." said Sephiran.

"Death is all you've wanted since this started. Everything else has been little more than a terrible side effect. I'm sorry that this was your only goal, but I am happy to help you achieve it. Sephiran, I see now what you were going through. It must have been hard. I wish I could have helped you."

"Please. Don't mourn for me. I'm not worth it."

"I'm so sorry. I wanted to help you! I really did!"

"Forget about me. This path was my tragic mistake. Lady... Sanaki... I want you to...have this. This is...the Rudol Gem. Wear memory of me. It will protect you. Please forgive me... I'm sorry I...lied to you."

"Sephiran... Don't worry. We still have all the time we spent together... Nobody can take that away. Nobody." said Sanaki. Then Sephiran's body starts to glow with a bright, whitish-blue light, as blue sparkles of light rise from him.

"Thank you... My Lady Sanaki... I' leaving you now. waiting."

'Sephiran, it's going to be alright… Zelgius is still alive. And you'll still be alive. I just know it.' I thought clasping my hand together tightly.

Yeap, Meru's going to heal him after everything is said and done. Called it, totally called it. Actually...

"Sephiran... No... Nooooooooo!" Sanaki screamed

"Now! Please, Micaiah!" yelled Yune.

"Don't die... You can't die..." said Micaiah. Then there is a rumbling sound, and then the gates started open, white light slowly coming through the widening opening.

"...He's...breathing? Sephiran is breathing!" Sanaki exclaimed happily.

"oh thank goodness." I said quietly.

"Ahh... Just in time." Micaiah said with relief.

"You saved him! Thank you! Micaiah, thank you!" Sanaki said to Micaiah.

Micaiah saves him. Yay, I suppose, though this all could have been avoided if Meru had healed him instead. Honestly, the entire story now is simply "Meru can do it better, why hasn't she?"

"Micaiah is completely spent. She's sorry, but she won't be able to fight in the next battle. But there's no time. Hurry!" Yune said to her.

"Goddess Yune. Is there something you haven't told us about you and Sephiran?"

"He saved my life."

"Y-your life? Sephiran saved the life of a goddess? Is there something you haven't told us about Sephiran, then?"

"He'll wake up in just a moment. Then you can ask him directly."

"Oh. All right, I'll do that."

"Why did you save him?" Ike asked Yune.

"Should I not have?" asked Yune.

"I can think of a few reasons why you shouldn't have, yes!" Then Ike walks around to kneel at Sephiran's head, his sword pointing towards him. "Hey! Get up. Now."

"Take it easy on him! He's had a hard day!"

"Hau~ that's right Ike don't be so mean!" I said coming over to him and put my foot on his head anime style.

What does that even look like? How can she even do that? She's puny, Ike's huge. Google has failed me, I have no idea what putting your foot on someone's face anime style is even supposed to be like.

"Hey get your foot off my head!" He yelled at me.

"You're the one who's being mean." I said sticking my tongue at him.

Gosh darn it, Meru, you suck. You suck on so many levels.

"...Unh... ...hhhuuunnn... I... I'm alive?" asked Sephiran

'He sounds just like Zelgius when he found out he was still alive.' I giggled.

"Lehran!" said Yune.

"Goddess Yune... Why? Why did you—" Sephiran started

"Because I want you to live! You've always taken care of me, and I couldn't bear it if it ended like this."

"But...I've lost all my hope. All hope in the world and the people in it... I did what I did...for future generations, so they wouldn't have to live in this world. Please, Yune, let me die."

"I won't, Lehran. I won't!" Then Ike stands up.

"Lehran? Now he's some kind of hero-saint?" Ike asked annoyed (he looked annoyed to me.)

Ike, the voice of reason in a room filled with women and one genocidal bishonen guy.


"If death is what you really want, then I'm not going to let it happen on my watch. I don't care what you've gone through. I don't care how much you've suffered. What you've done is unforgivable."

"Stop it, Ike!" Yune yelled at Ike.

Ike, so cruel he won't kill you.


"Ashera is waiting. It's time for the final confrontation with her. You can come... If you want to," said Ike.

"You... You're asking me to turn my back on goddess Ashera?"

"If you really want the total extinction of beorc and laguz alike, then you can just lie here like a lump. If not, this is your last chance to start rectifying your mistakes. Think hard on that." Ike then walks towards the door.

Ike, he gets shit done.

"But...Ike!" exclaimed Yune.

"..." Kurth and Ena starts to leave for the door and after a moment Sanaki leaves followed by Sothe, Fayt, Yune and me. Yune then turns around for one last time.

"I'll be waiting for you, Lehran." Yune then left but I stopped.

"Lehran, I think I should tell you this." I said to him.

"What is it Meru?"

"Zelgius is alive."

"Wh- that's…"

"Please don't tell the others. Especially to Ike. And thank you for telling me the truth back there. I really appreciated it." I then bowed to him and left saying to myself, "I finally know the truth…Mother…"

What truth? We barely found out anything about your mother or how she found that sword, or you know, what she even did. Sounds like she just simply committed magical grand theft and left with one more shiny sword.

Meru: wow… did NOT expect that..

Miyako: and I thought u didn't had it in u.

Meru: what's that supposed to mean?

Yuri: now now it just means we're finished now.

Meru: -sighs- anyways hope u like this and yadi yadi ya


Who's ready for the final chapter?

Yeah, well, let's get this over with.