Let's Play Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis!


Part 8: Shiven

Last time, we traveled to Urodela Cape with Cybil, a goon of the Pope, to find a way to contact a group of mermaids about a legendary spear. We broke off with our friend Rictor and w told we couldn't sail to the mermaids' cave; our best chance was to capture a mermaid, get her to lure her friends, and then follow them to the hideout. We are given a chance of which to choose. I pick the first option.

Belgger bows his head. "I don't have a better idea, but still... I can't agree to that."

"Then find another way. If you get the information before it reaches the enemy, then your debt with me will be repaired, and I will release you from my service," Cybil tells us.

"Alright. I promise you that I'll return with the information you seek."

Belgger and Ivanna stand out in the rain.

"It's still raining..." Belgger mutters. No shit.

"The savage winds still rage. They may not subside for some time... Belgger, what will you do now?"

"We'll head towards the Rana Sea through Bison." Wow.

"Bison...! The Paradise of the Beasts! It will be difficult to pass through the swamp."

Belgger nods. "I know, but there is one advantage. No one would ever expect that we'd go through in this rain. Besides, no one will be able to trace our footsteps, either."

"I see... we had better prepare for fighting in those conditions."

"Ivanna, why did you decide to come with me? Don't you want to avenge your father's death?"

"The White Fang Troops have a hand in all of this. My uncle must be plotting something. I think it's best to stay with you for now. Don't get me wrong... I do want to know the truth about my father's death, but I want to help you, too."

Belgger turns toward her. "Why?"

She shakes her head. "I don't know. My sword instructor used to tell me that destructive power can never win against defensive power. I became a knight to protect Rananculus, but after meeting you in Vespa, I decided to fight alongside you and your comrades."

"Thanks, Ivanna..."

She pauses. "Let's get going. Because of the storm, traveling by sea is out of the question. Crossing the swamp is our only alternative." The screen fades to black.

Cybil has left our party.

I buy two suits of chain mail for Allos and Ivanna. That leaves us a measly 470 Goth, so I sell some of my old stuff to compensate leaving us with 2160 Goth. Belgger gets the Matsukaze, which is better than the Dragon Gem Sword, but it's two handed, so he removes his tower shield. Allos gets the Dragon Gem Sword. I get Bruno same chain mail. I train everyone to level 10. Fersen will be a knight from now on until he promotes. Glycinia has gotten a special power, Fairy's Kiss, simply by leveling; it restores status ailments and restores HP. Nice.

I dismiss the turncoats from Rananculus.

"Yeah, I already knew I was a slacker!" Elliot says.

"Will getting rid of me really help?" Gilliam asks.

The battle in Bison is filler. One of the fairies was named Asuka, which slightly amused me.

We get 100 Goth, a sword emblem, a coral harp, and a crown of intellect.

Orcus is walking down Bison when a familiar voice from offscreen calls, "I finally caught up to you."


Shiven emerges from the shadows. "I am Shiven, one of Mistress Alinda's (Cybil's) men. She's asked me to assist you."

"So, in other words, you're keeping an eye on us?"

"I am only here to help..."

  • Sorry. I said too much.
  • Sorry. I can't add you.

I'm not sure if "add" was a translation mistake or not. I choose the first option. Why not?

"I was a little upset and said too much. I'm sorry." It stops raining. "It's stopped raining. Let's go."

Shiven joins the team.

I'm not gonna be using him, mostly because he's chaotic and I like to make ninjas into swordmasters. I'll keep him on the backburner though in case of emergencies.

I get Bruno a hammer, the Halt Hammer. I give Allos Shiven's katana, Kagari-Bi, another two handed one. I de-equip his short bow to give it to him. Ivanna gets the Dragon Gem Sword. I train everyone to level 11.