Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


And now for something completely different!

What, you expected me to be done with this thing already? No... I have plans, dear readers. Big plans.

(Note: Plans may not be as big as I may imply at any given time.)

My Big Plans™ include first to essentially liveblog my liveblog. Well... not quite a liveblog, but this does involve going through and summarising the events of the whole thing. You'll understand quickly enough. Oh, and if it's possible to change the color of text here, please tell me how; it'd be very useful for what I'm doing.


Itsuki and the teacher are introduced. Lisianthus, Nerine and Nerine's father make appearances.


Kaede, Asa & Mayumi are introduced. I know this describing thing isn't interesting right now, but it'll become moreso once a couple of decision-making moments have passed.


Lisianthus, Nerine and their fathers are introduced. The first opportunity for choice is given when Rin asks Mayumi about the new girls.

Ask about Sia

Ask about Nerine

Should you choose the former, Kareha is introduced, who is too distracted to talk about Lisianthus.

Should you choose the latter, Mayumi talks about Nerine.

At lunch, Everyone sits on the rooftop and have a conversation about what Rin remembers of these girls from his past.

That night, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers throw a party at Rin's house.


Lisianthus, Nerine and their fathers greet Rin before school, with the fathers having their magical staring contest which Rin stops. At school, Asa & Kareha ask Rin which girl he prefers.




someone else

The first option results Rin saying how he likes Lisianthus' smile and friendly personality, and Asa saying how Kaede got too close.

...As does the second option. (only replacing the bit about Lisianthus with Nerine and her "comforting smile")

The third option has Rin speak highly of Kaede's loyalty and the sense of security he has while around her.

The fourth option causes Kareha to claim Rin likes Asa, which comes completely out of left field for both of the two accused.

No matter which option is chosen though, Kareha & Asa both leave the conversation satisfied.


Rin meets Asa and Primula by the CAFFE. After Primula follows Rin home, a choice is given regarding whether she can stay.

Take her in

Don't take her in

The former has Rin immediately agreeing to Primula staying (simple enough).

The latter has Rin attempting to say that Primula would be happier with Nerine, but ultimately failing and letting her stay anyway.

Afterward, Rin introduces Kaede and Primula to eachother, where the latter asks Rin whether the former is his maid. (Which the mai- Ahem. Childhood friend agrees with.)


During school, Primula is the main topic of interest, particularly with Mayumi.

There's also an utterly pointless conversation about CDs with Itsuki.

And Mayumi asking Rin whether he can help Nerine with taking out the garbage.

I guess I'm free

Actually I've got something to do

Choosing the former leads to Nerine attacking a bunch of bullies with magic, then getting scolded by the teacher yet praised by her and Lisianthus' fathers.

Choosing the latter leads to Rin reluctantly helping her before going home.

...where he sees Kaede teaching Primula how to cook.

Kaede can be trusted with food

Maybe I should mention Asa?

Best to play it safe

The first option results in Rin praising Kaede's skill and Kaede suggesting that they call Asa over to help sometime. Primula declines.

The second option results in Rin suggesting to call Asa, which while Kaede agrees, Primula does not.

The third option has Rin call Primula flimsy and Kaede "not so clever", much to their displeasure.

Rin wishes them luck.


And that will do for today. This was mainly just to show you all how I'm going to be doing this stage. I'll give you a hint for what the next stage is though:



i am comppuzzled
neobowman 17th Sep 11
At what this stage is or the next? This stage is essentially a setup for the next, while the next...

Sabbo 17th Sep 11
So.... Any news?
neobowman 21st Sep 11
Sorry; I was busy today (it being Thursday, the day I'd usually do this mid-week). Luckily I'll have the next two weeks - starting Sunday - to do this whenever I want. Yay for holidays!
Sabbo 22nd Sep 11 (edited by: Sabbo)
I am still compuzzled. "512 :3" ????
neobowman 22nd Sep 11
The :3 is a smiley. The clue is still 512.

Here's an elaboration on the hint though: What significance can the number 512 have (with anything)?
Sabbo 22nd Sep 11
Not a date. 5-12? May 12th? *wikis it*\\ No big celebrations. Letters would be EAB.\\ Nothing I know. If we assign the girls to a number, I guess it would be... Nerine, Lisianthus, Asa going by the order you went... Naa, that's not it.

2 to the power of 9. 256x2. 128x4. 64x8. 32x16. Square root of 512 is 22.6. Square of 512 is 262144.

No clue.
neobowman 22nd Sep 11
One of your guesses was close. :3

Well. Related, anyway.
Sabbo 23rd Sep 11
It's Sunday. I demand something.
neobowman 25th Sep 11
Was busy Sunday. Now it's Monday. Something will be done today.
Sabbo 25th Sep 11
neobowman 25th Sep 11
You seem to be a bit impatient there. Remember that I have a life too, you know.
Sabbo 26th Sep 11
Yay for procrastination!
Sabbo 26th Sep 11
Your life is dictated by my will.

Jk, take your time.
neobowman 26th Sep 11
  • Insert Jeopordy theme here*
neobowman 3rd Oct 11
Sorry; been getting distracted by the recent Psychonauts update on Steam. (I like to get achievements. :P)

I'll try to continue today though; I've pretty much finished Psychonauts.
Sabbo 3rd Oct 11