Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



So yeah. On with the show?


We start in Rin's room on a sunny day, where he quickly decides to go outside to where his "sisters" - Kaede and Primula - are hanging out laundry. Rin calls out to them, prompting Kaede to realize that she hasn't made breakfast yet, but Rin tells her that there's no hurry.

On the other hand though, when Rin says he wants to be with them for a while, Kaede refuses the suggestion, with Primula enforcing her. Rin asks Kaede if she's doing all this because she still feels guilty, but she denies the accusation and says she does it purely because she wants to. I doubt this is truly the case. Maybe mostly, but not entirely.

She says she feels sorry for Lisianthus & Nerine, but remains adamant that only she look after him... with Primula's help. She allows that one to help. The day ends on Rin musing "Her smile captivates my heart."


The Primula dream. Although I did mention it the first time around, a bit of the following conversation with Lisianthus' father interests me: "She doesn't see, doesn't ask, and doesn't speak. That's exactly like the scene from eight years ago". What exactly would Rin be referring to here? Lycoris and Lisianthus were both playful, so I assume it has to be regarding Kaede, but this association seems a bit abrupt, especially for something which isn't going to come up again in any route but Kaede's.


After dinner, Primula makes a surprise announcement: She's going to Nerine's house. She's already packed her things, and says it's because she doesn't want to intrude between Kaede & Rin. Neither of them like the idea, but don't seem to actively dislike the idea either. Rin says Primula can come back whenever she wants.


The beach. The scene is essentially the same as normal up until Itsuki has sent the girls off to get changed, and shown Rin his cameras. Later though, Rin was relaxing on the beach... until Mayumi poured a bucket of water over his head, demanding that he hang out with Kaede all day. Cue Kaede coming up and complaining against her friend's words.

Mayumi points out how... active Itsuki is being, but when Rin says that that is a problem too, Mayumi shrugs it off as Itsuki himself being the problem, not his actions.

Then, she once again says Rin should get up and hang out with Kaede. When Kaede tries to defend him staying where he is though, Mayumi asks her whether or not she wants him to hang out with her, to which she quickly says she does. Rin gives in.

Cue the excitement/surprise/catastrophe music, which seems rather ill-suited for the beach, and a glare-heavy CG scene. I mean, sure the two girls have decided to team up against Rin in a game of beach volleyball, but I don't think that deserves this music. :/

The day ends with Rin being very tired from all the playing and frustrated from how serious his opponents were playing.


The day Rin agrees to hang out with Kareha when he bumps into her (figuratively) by the CAFFE. I assume it'd have relevance during Asa's route, but it seems kinda shoehorned in everybody else's. :/


At night, Rin has just gotten home from getting a drink to cool himself down, although notices the futility of it after considering how sweaty even the heat at night made him. While he likes the air conditioner cooling him down, he figures that having a shower would be even better... and I think I can see where this is going.

And, of course, I was right. Rin has just walked in on Kaede in the bathroom in her underwear. During the initial confusion, Rin tries to explain that it was just an accident - and considers how surprising it is that it had never happened in all the ten years prior - and once he gains a bit of composure, yells an apology and closes the door... while remaining in the room with Kaede. Didn't expect that.

Quickly realizing his mistake, he leaves properly this time and returns to the loungeroom. He monologues how much of a mistake he just made, and that the last time he had seen her naked was before she had started holding a grudge against him... of which I don't really see much evidence of its remains. Then he wonders about the size of her breasts and how much they've grown. As his mind repeatedly distracts him with the visage of Kaede in her underwear, he comes to the conclusion that he'll find it difficult to sleep that night.


The mid-break day of school. Rin notices that Kaede's a bit more absent-minded than usual that day, but is assured that there's no issue when he asks her, right before she runs off. Odd. Rin figures that he should probably apologize again for what happened the night before, at which point Mayumi pops up and asks what he needs to apologize for.

Rin says "it was just an accident" though, which of course makes Itsuki very curious. Just when he's about to explain it though, he realizes that he was talking to actual people and not his own mind like he usually would. He tells the two gossips to go away.

As the school day ends and the teacher has had her "don't get into trouble" speech with Itsuki, Rin's first line is... interesting. The content of it not so much ("Let's go home, Kaede"), but rather that the bit which says who is speaking the line says... Kaede.

That aside though, she's still a bit flustered/distracted, but shortly agrees... right before tripping over, knocking Rin into the ground and landing on top of him.

Oh wow. This CG actually has relatively detailed images of unimportant classmates in the background looking over Kaede. Unlike Mayumi's unlikely scene from earlier however, this fall was face-to-face... leading Kaede to only partially get up before going back and giving Rin a kiss which makes him lose track of time.

Then she realizes what she just did, and bolts out of the classroom while apologizing, leaving the entire class dazed.

That afternoon, after Rin was finally able to leave school - Kaede's fanclub had many questions for him, it seems - he wonders why Kaede suddenly addressed her emotions far more directly than usual. Rin monologues about how he knew Kaede liked him and how Kaede knew he knew, but could only think of the previous day's events when considering what could have acted as a catalyst for the change.

Once home, he tries to go directly to his room in order to avoid Kaede, but meets her in the hall... acting oddly normal. He's surprised, but she just offers some medicine (which he declines) before going off to make dinner. Indeed, she acts as normal for a considerable length of time after that. Rin remains confused. After some internal debate, he decides to ask Kaede about what happened earlier that day. Kaede quickly and without hesitation replies that she did it because she loves him, and that it was always her wish. She admits that she always held back beforehand, but the previous night changed things.

Cue music.

I'm unsurprised that I reached this scene today, but when I consider the next opportunity I'll have to continue this, it's not particularly soon... unless I break schedule and do it on Tuesday. That shouldn't be an issue. Whether or not I hit the scene after on Tuesday will determine whether I'll do this on Thursday or skip it until the weekend.



It's amazing how scary the girls' fanclubs are. Almost like Baka Test
neobowman 4th Sep 11
I neither read nor watch that series (is it an anime? I have no idea); it never really seemed particularly interesting to me. :/
Sabbo 5th Sep 11
Ah, to clarify, I am aware of that series' nature as a manga.
Sabbo 5th Sep 11
It's an anime/light novel. Dunno if it's a manga. It has lots of girl on guy violence played as humour, which I'm not a big fan of, but if you can get over that, it's hilarious. Oh, and the extras in the class form a group eerily similar to the KKK who persecute guys who get girls.
neobowman 5th Sep 11
It is a manga - that's how I first knew of it - but I had forgotten about the other two.

But yeah. There was just something about it which I didn't like. I can't really even remember what anymore, just that it was enough for me to want to stop reading. (This coming from a person who will finish reading pretty much anything he starts. Procrastination notwithstanding)
Sabbo 5th Sep 11