Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Neo, I want my $10; it was Kaede. :P

That said, today's installment won't be particularly long; all I'm going to be doing is a re-run of Kaede's route, aiming directly for her instead of avoiding everybody, just in case there are scenes I missed. It's mostly the same as when I was aiming for her previously, only I answered the question regarding whether Primula could stay as a negative, and I later aimed to go shopping instead of buy something for Primula. This picks up shortly after the exams...


After school, Kaede and Rin are the only students remaining in the classroom; Kaede had cleanup duty, so Rin is waiting for her. Just as she's about to finish though, she notices that Rin's shirt is ripped, and offers to fix it right there. Rin is thankful.

Cue CG scene I would have otherwise missed.

Rin is impressed at Kaede's skill, but she shrugs it off, saying that it's merely repeating a pattern. (which is true; I've had to hand-sew things before.) However... while being distracted by her conversation with Rin, it seems that she somehow accidentally sewed the shirt to her skirt. My experience says this may have been possible, depending on the stitch used. (Either that or she was holding her skirt together with the shirt. :/)

She doesn't notice at first, and so when she holds up the shirt to show Rin, she inadvertently exposes her panties. Indeed, she only notices after Rin has had a good look and points it out to her. Cue embarrassed scream.


Today is the day Lisianthus tries to get Rin's help with being called up for English, but ends up getting Kaede's help instead. Also, later, Rin has no lunch due to having eaten it directly after consuming energy for PE. While during my attempted anti-route this led to Nerine feeding Rin, I would hope that this time it will be Kaede doing it this time; having a Nerine scene would be kinda weird in this route.

...Or maybe not. Nerine feeds him this time too.

Finally, after school Rin has gone into the cafe only to find out that Kareha works there. I won't bother with the details of the conversation this time.


Mayumi's falling-down-the-stairs-onto-Rin-in-an-improbable-way scene. Nothing of note.


Nerine's being pestered about the "Angel's Bell" thing. Nothing of note here either.


Last day of class. This is also the day when Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers pester Rin about going to the beach.


The last day before the route lock, if I remember correctly, wherein everybody is at the pool. Nerine is of course in her normal swimwear, and Primula isn't there at all.


And now we hit parity with the previous installment. I'll continue tomorrow.



Oh well. I wanted Kaede first just to save the best heroine for last so win-win for me. Here's your ten internet dollars.
neobowman 3rd Sep 11
I feel so rich.
Sabbo 3rd Sep 11
I know. It's a lot of money.
neobowman 3rd Sep 11