Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



So. I was recently going through the CG scenes, and noticed that I was missing several of Lisianthus'. After a bit of thinking, I figured out that her second... ahem... "scene" could involve either her or Kikyou, depending on the choices made between each of her scenes. Who'da thunk it?


And thus starts the rainy season. Kaede gives Rin an umbrella in the morning, but as we know, forgets her own. Me being the chivalrous gentleman I am, offer her my own. Or rather, I offer her Rin's. Funny how personal pronouns and choices in player-protagonist based works turn out, no?

Nothing really of note here, seeing as how I made this same choice back in my first run. It does come to mind though that while I know Lisianthus & Nerine's Leitmotifs, I haven't figured out what Kaede's is yet. Or any other character, for that matter.


Ah, Primula's visit to the classroom. Nothing really of interest I haven't talked about before.

Question: Should I use the "skip" button for stuff like this? While getting the remaining CG scenes for Lisianthus I figured out exactly how it works - it quickly skips past everything except questions and white/new text - but I'm not sure whether it'd be a good idea for me to use it here in case I miss nuances I'd previously passed over unknowingly.

As for today's choice - go home straight away or stick around for a bit - I of course go home. No point doing bits of Lisianthus' route now.


These early Sundays are easy to remember. For example, this one is the one where Rin discovers that Primula needs a bra. And then the next is obviously Primula getting the bra, which is thankfully the day of the last choice I need to make before the routes settle.

So yeah. Except for Rin reminiscing about how small Kaede used to be, there's nothing of interest today regarding the route I'm aiming for.


And of course, today is the day Nerine's father comes to take Primula away for a bit. As for what happens at school, this is the day where they all talk about the rain, and it's revealed that Kaede & Lisianthus like the rain while the others don't. Is there some meaning to it that the only ones who like the rain - ignoring Itsuki, who's a pervert - are the housekeepers of their respective homes?

...Oh? A new scene already?

At home, Rin wakes up after taking a nap on the couch in the living room and realizes how late it is. 7:30pm, to be exact. (...Wut. It's the middle of Summer and it's already dark by 7:30? Here I wouldn't call it "dark" until at least 9pm in the middle of summer.) Rin surmises that the one to put a blanket over him was Kaede.

Personally, I'd think it creepy were it anybody else, especially considering that Primula's not in the house at the moment.

In his hunger, Rin gets up and heads for the kitchen, ready to eat dinner. Perfect timing it seems, for his house. Once there, Kaede asks if he's not too tired to eat, but he says he's fine. Cue CG scene of looking over the dinner table to a smiling Kaede. They talk about how it's seemed like so long since they'd last eaten alone together, and that even though they used to be like that often, the short time of having Primula around really accentuated moments like this. Kaede compares herself and Rin to a newlywed couple, to which Rin actually agrees, albeit shyly.


Let's see... Rin waking up by himself on a day other than Sunday or a holiday means that this is the day Kaede is sick. Considering that recent scene, I wonder whether anything will be different today...

Heh heh... coking...

Well, no difference with Kaede so far. As for Lisianthus though when she comes over to cook, it seems that the limit of what she described about her family was that her biological "is in a unique situation". She doesn't seem too down about it, even though it does bug her late in her route. Deterministically, that could easily be the fault of her growing relationship with Rin. It's nice when multiple-choice stuff works with Determinism. Interestingly though, Rin says after they're done eating that there isn't really a relationship between he and Kaede. I mean, I realize I almost certainly covered this back the first time I did all this, but he really is denying the truth here.

Heh. As Lisianthus leaves, she says "I'll be open 24 hours a day for you." I mean, I know what they were trying to say here, but it's still- Uhh... Nope; not funny at all. Nothing out of the ordinary here, move along now. >_>

And as for Kaede's scene at the end, there's nothing out of the ordinary there, either. Hrm. :/


Holy crap Nerine's house is big. The background here is of Rin/Kaede's house, as it should be, but for the first time, I've actually noticed Nerine's house looming over the back of it, making the Devils' house look at least three or four storeys tall.

That aside though, today is the day Kaede, Asa & Kareha take Primula bra shopping. And in the chance that it will lead to something with Kaede, I'm going to take the other choice this time. I will however save first, just in case Primula having the cats for some reason becomes important in Kaede's route. Or maybe Rin's idea will go according to plan and he'll be able to take Primula away from Asa's clutches anyway. I suppose we'll see.

So yeah, after the scene with Asa holding a bra over Primula, I get the choice, and choose "Take this opportunity to do something with Primula". This leads to Rin outright saying he wants to buy something for Primula. So basically, there's no difference at this point except for Rin's intentions when he goes shopping. Hm.

And even once Primula's smiling scene comes along, there's no difference. This annoys the determinist side of me; why have a choice when the end result is the same? While I'm guessing that it effects whether or not you go into Primula's route, it really shouldn't, I'd think. :/

Later, there's no difference with Asa's teasing of Kaede, nor at the dinner table either. Oh well.


And I suppose that will do. Good news is that the next day begins with new stuff to read, rather than just repeating all the old.



I always used the skip button. Actually, I never even paid attention to the dates.

Kaede's theme song is pretty standard and boring.
neobowman 11th Aug 11
I haven't really been paying attention to specific dates, but rather days of the week. Particularly early on when there's so little variation between each day no matter which route you're doing.

I had figured it might. Otherwise I'd probably have noticed it. :P (Is there any common occasion between characters which always have specific leitmotifs? Such as their introductions or epilogues, maybe?)
Sabbo 12th Aug 11
Every characters epilogue has their leitmotif in it. EXCEPT for Asa's. Well, here theme's pretty distinctive. (I only noticed this little detail because she's my favourite character).
neobowman 12th Aug 11