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Okay, so maybe that last lot was a bit much. Don't worry though, I'm going to be spacing out installments a little better from hereon out. Better than three in 24 hours, anyway.

So yeah. Kaede's turn.


Nerine's father and Itsuki by the train station talking about beautiful women. The teacher drags Itsuki off.

Lisianthus shopping for meat. Nerine singing in the park.

Too quick for you? Well, I've kinda gotten bored of these specific scenes I've seen so many times. I don't see much point in redescribing something I've already seen this many times. :/

Although... I think there's a pun I'm missing when Nerine's father asks Itsuki "You are a student of Verbena Academy, huh? How bright is that?". I assume it's untranslatable.


Kaede wakes up Rin and they go to school, meeting Asa on the way. Rin cock-blocks Itsuki, Mayumi announces that there'll be a couple of new students, and Kaede correctly guesses their natures. The teacher details the connection between the worlds, and later asks Rin indirectly about the two new students and gives him a vague pep-talk about his upcoming life in the spotlight.

And again, just like the last times, Kaede inadvertently gets convinced by Rin to be carried for the rest of the afternoon. Rin underestimates her devotion. Finally, that night, she gives him her notes for the next day's math assignment.


Again, Rin considers who the transfer students will be. He's also the only one not to get an early view by the teacher's room. The girls' fathers surprise the class, and then they all introduce themselves. Rin is terribly confused. Interestingly, when Lisianthus says she doesn't like to be treated like a princess, she makes the kind of face which was Kikyou's normal expression. Afterward, when he goes to ask Mayumi about the new students...

...I pick Nerine. I want to compare what she says with what I found out about her during my first runthrough, but obviously I couldn't do that when aiming for Lisianthus. Let's see... Mayumi suspects that the Devils' & Gods' experiments have something to do with why Nerine is healthy now but didn't used to be (which is true, even though Mayumi would have no idea why), and she mentions the "Angel's Bell" moniker (along with the fact that Nerine doesn't sing much).

And now we're back to repeat stuff again: Everyone has lunch on the roof, Rin remembers a little, and... Huh. When Nerine talks about 8 years ago, she says "I", even though that's not how she actually feels.

Finally, that night, Lisianthus & Nerine, as well as their fathers, through a surprise party at Rin's house. Rin abandons hope for a normal life.


While Rin is talking to Kaede before school about whether or not he should go, as drunk as he is, he mentions a similar situation in middle school. I'm very curious about this, and hope it's decently expanded upon as to why these two became close back then.

On the way to school, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers have an argument about who Rin will marry (sorry, but I'd rather neither, this time. :P). Itsuki announces that the new girls already have fan clubs. Asa & Kareha meet up with Rin in the cafeteria and ask who the AFGNCAAP prefers out of his currently three known admirers (or I suppose in Rin's case, ACAAP. Mostly.), and since I'm aiming for Kaede this time, I of course answer her.

Rin's justification is Kaede's loyalty, and feeling secure when she's nearby. Of course, unlike the previous two choices I've made, Asa is unsurprised with this answer. On the other hand, Kareha is just as interested in this result as she was for the others. I hope the final answer will be different.


The day of Primula's introduction, if I remember right. Which means we're by the CAFFE.

...Huh. I didn't really notice until now, but there's a Coca-Cola vending machine in the background. I wonder if that was a paid advertisement? No matter though. Rin meets Primula, Itsuki bugs him about it, she follows Rin home, and he agrees to let her stay. Nothing I haven't described before.


I'm really looking forward to after all these questions and my route gets decided. Then there won't be so many scenes I skip over for having seen and described them before.

Today, During the confrontation regarding Primula's relation to everybody else, I specifically notice how Kaede seems very shy about her feelings for Rin. Does she know he knows she likes him? It would seem not, but people like Mayumi and Asa are very blatant about it all...

Again, a seemingly pointless scene in the hallway with Itsuki about a CD. Does this subplot go anywhere? It seems really out of place, even though it only gets mentioned no more than one more time after this that I've seen.

And after school, I attempt to refuse taking out the garbage with Nerine, but eventually cave in. The reason for my choice is two-fold of course; one because I don't want to get close to Nerine, and two because doing otherwise would, as far as I know, not lead to a scene at home with Kaede & Primula cooking. Even ignoring the point system I was going by last time I reached this scene, the answer to give when aiming for Kaede seems obvious: "Kaede can be trusted with food". I know the final option insults Kaede directly, while the middle option presumably puts preference of Asa over Kaede.

Saying this, Kaede quickly admits that Asa is better than her, but when she suggests that they call Asa over sometime, Primula declines, saying that she'd rather just learn from Kaede. I assume this is because of Rin's confident remark regarding her skills.


And that will do for today. I have a day off every Thursday, so I'll either get another installment done then, or next weekend.



This was a short one compared to the last few walls of text.
neobowman 8th Aug 11
Quite. But with the last few I was in a rush to finish Lisanthus' route, while now I'm wanting to pay more attention to the character who at the start was my favorite. (For example, had I played my first run as a "what I would have done were it me" route, the early question where Asa & Kareha ask who I prefer would have been answered as Kaede. I think it's the whole Childhood Friend Romance thing.)

Ah yes, and that reminds me: Another reason why I wanted to do Asa's route before Primula's was because I wanted to use Asa as the gauge for how to avoid the three primary love interests, particularly with that early question, since it is asked before Primula is met.
Sabbo 9th Aug 11
Fair enough.
neobowman 9th Aug 11