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Okay, so this was written while TV Tropes was down, but still in the same way as always. It's kinda weird typing this into a notepad file rather than straight onto TV Tropes, but I don't expect any problems; I know TV Tropes' formatting rules well enough (The only issue is that I won't be able to review previous installments :/).

Speaking of previous installments, I have a question for neobowman: In Rain! you commented on how you were surprised that I got that scene with Asa at her house, and I was kinda wondering what you expected would happen if I chose to take my time at school (as I did, this time) on any given run. When picking the other choice there seems to result in changing to the next day straight away (as evidenced during my Nerine run), surely picking what I did would have to have some sort of noticeable effect, yes?

That aside for now though...


In front of Lisianthus' house, I ring the doorbell. I guess she was expecting me, as she doesn't seem as confused as last time, and invites me in without asking any questions about why I'm there. In her room she serves me coffee and goes back to doing the dishes. Why coffee though? Her house and room are all very... Japanese. Even on the table here I see a teaset, not anything I'd associate with coffee... not that coffee can't be served in a teacup anyway. >_>

After Lisianthus leaves, Rin monologues about how this is the first time he's been in her room, although admits that he doesn't tend to go in girls' rooms much anyway. Kaede, Primula, Asa and his mother's although the last was obviously long ago. He takes a look around, noticing how Japanese everything is except the bed, which is not a futon (I think it's just a covered mattress on the ground though; it has no legs and no visible head, unlike the other beds I've seen thus far). As he continues to look around the room, he notices a picture frame on her table, and unquestioningly comes to the conclusion that it is a human concept the other worlds assimilated ten years ago when the gates between the worlds first appeared. He also notices how this photo is of Lisianthus' family.

And we get to see a CG image thingy of a young Lisianthus, her mothers (green hair, red hair and blond hair, from left to right) and her father smiling and leaning toward the camera. As Rin notices that Sia is not there, she reminds him of how Lisianthus' family "know about her, but don't". Or maybe that's just a memory of what she once said; I'm not sure.

I'm guessing there was some poor translation earlier though, relating to this, as Rin then monologues, "There's one lady from the Devils in the picture. According to Reverse Sia, this must be Sia's real mother." Nothing Sia has said so far has indicated that this must be the case. In fact, I hadn't even considered it until just now. (Although yes, it is true that one of the women - the red-haired one, of course - has the trademark longer ears of a devil.)

As for Rin's monologing, he continues on about how Sia is not in the picture and what Lisianthus' family think of her. Or rather, don't think of her. And how Sia told him not to ask Lisianthus about her "because she's determined". Whatever that means.

Shortly though, Lisianthus has come back into the room and Rin puts the picture down. She says that she's finished what she doing, and takes him downstairs. Of course, since the only background scenery for her house is her room, the screen is white while she gets a wooden ear pick and asks Rin to lie down. I think I get what's going on, and it seems that this is the thing she said she wanted at the end of yesterday. It would also explain why she wasn't surprised at the start of the day. Rin however is a little bit surprised of how she was actually sincere in what she said she wanted. Once he's on her lap, we get to (of course) see another CG image.

...Something like that is meant to go in people's ears? It looks like a crochet needle needle with a long hook somewhere near a centimetre long. Well, I suppose that if it is thin then it is better than using cotton buds (which just tend to push earwax further into the ear, even if it does get some out). Unlike how I would be if shown a needle like that though, Rin is not nervous, merely embarrassed. Lisianthus likes this, and says it "stimulates her maternal instinct". As she picks at his ear, she talks about how she's always wanted to do this. Rin is briefly worried about whether she'd do it for anyone else, but is calmed when she says she'd only do it for him, and maybe her father and mother (Which I assume meant to say mothers). Rin, in this calm and warm position closes his eyes and begins to rest. I get the feeling that Rin really likes being pampered. And then he sleeps.

Cue the scene changing to sunset. As you'd probably guess, Lisianthus had been watching Rin sleep the whole time, and - typically - considers him very cute when he's sleeping. He then says that "It's your turn next! You show me how you sleep!" It seems she at first took this to mean something a bit more lewd, but he assures her he's not like Itsuki. She says he's right, and laughs it off... although I'm not sure how sincere she was; either she's a little bit disappointed, or she doesn't have a very good voice actor/seiyuu/is there even a difference.


The ocean. It's all the same as last time, so I'll only summarize: Nobody has any intention of associating themselves with Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers. Itsuki makes very clear how aware he is of being with the best looking people on the beach. Lisianthus & Nerine torture Rin by playing with him in the water for ages. It's not terribly interesting, as far as I'm concerned, now that I've seen it before.


More blue writing again, but this time we're by the CAFFE. Like last time, Rin notices the general lack of students in uniform, and soon enough meets up with Kareha. When Rin asks her why she's here, she says she's here to find a present for her sister, who will be attending the school next year (No idea what relevance that has...). She also invites me to come with her as protection. The day ends with essentially nothing of note having been said. Maybe it has more relevance in Asa's route?


At the CAFFE again, but this time in white text. Rin has just left a bookstore, but doesn't want to go straight home. After considering what he can do to kill time, he decides to go shopping.

Well, this is a familiar scene. I suppose similar to how we saw Nerine sing on the swings twice, here we can see Lisianthus in the meat section again. Rin mentions how Kaede doesn't tend to let him do any shopping, to which Lisianthus laughs light-heartedly and says how like her (Kaede) that is. When Rin asks Lisianthus what she's deciding over this time, she says it's about a curry and whether she's going to use meat or fish.

Note to everybody: Fish is a meat.

She says that half her family likes fish, half like meat, and one will eat anything. Rin convinces her to cook what she prefers - fish - leading her to suggest Rin get some too, since they were on special. Rin's a bit surprised about how she, despite how much money she'd obviously have, still would look out for food on special, and also impressed. In his impressed state, he unthinkingly tells her she'd make a good wife, to which she simply replies "Do you want to marry me?" He kinda regrets saying what he did.

Later, while walking home, they talk about how they're each impressed about what the other can do - her cooking & cleaning, and his strength in general - and when they're in front of her house she becomes sad that they must part. Rin however seems to have a bit more of an optimistic tilt on the situation, and says that they'll be able to see eachother again after school the next day. She's happy about this, and when Rin asks her what she wants to do tomorrow, she suggests her room. Notably, Lisianthus was a bit sad for most of that conversation in front of her house, but brightens up considerably after Rin agrees to going to her room. I can't even tell if he realizes what (I think) she's wanting/expecting.

But yeah. Is it time for this scene already? Don't worry though; I won't go into any unnecessary details this time.


Ah, I forgot that this day happened last time as well, in part. To summarize the blue text bits, Primula is surprised that Rin & Kaede need to go to school, and during school, the teacher harasses the ever-harassing Itsuki, and then she dismisses the class as mostly full of irresponsible people. Exactly the same.

At Lisianthus' house however, events are obviously going to be new. In her room, she's brought in a tray of "rose tea" (whatever that is; I can't be bothered looking it up) and some cookies, which Rin likes. Lisianthus says it took several tries to get them right though, and that the failures were being eaten downstairs - cue scene of her father absolutely loving them. Rin stays for dinner, and afterward finds out in Lisianthus' room that while she only has small dreams - such as cooking for Rin, and cleaning his ears - she has a lot of them. She also says sadly that most of her dreams have come true. Rin is concerned, and it takes him a moment to realize what's going on. I mean, he doesn't fully realize what Lisianthus is seeming to want, but he does know that he wants it. Like last time, he considers that if he starts, he wouldn't be able to stop. (Although this time he monologues it instead of saying it as a warning)

As he gets up, not wanting to do what he's thinking of doing, and uses the time (late) as an excuse to leave. Just as he's leaving her room though, Lisianthus calls out and grabs his hand as he turns back. She says it's warm, and holds it to her cheek, and then holds his back. She looks very melancholic, but isn't clear enough for Rin to understand why she's sad. Suddenly, he has an inexplicable fear that she'll suddenly disappear. He turns back to her and embraces her. Cue scene.


...Oh wait, can't do this right now anyway. Like last time, I'll put a break here until a time when I won't be bothered by other people turns up. Probably tomorrow though, so you may not even realize that there's a gap at all. Except for the fact that it'll be split into two installments of course. :P



Sorry, was on a 9 day trip and then forgot about this for a few days. BUT I'M BACK!

Your question, I actually don't think it has any effect at all. Most of the choices in my experience will always lean towards an individual heroine and not more than one.

The ear pick is a tool of glory. I used to get my ears picked a lot by my parents when I was younger. Feels very nice. Don't know much about the culture around it but it seems to be only betweenfamily members.

And for some reason, fish and meat seem to be categorized differently in Japan. I think. In Kira Kira, Chie is a vegetarian but eats fish. Weird.
neobowman 8th Aug 11
I don't think that was my question. :/ My question was regarding Thursday 24th (See the Umbrella! and Rain! installments), where leaving immediately (in Umbrella!) would end the day, while sticking around (in Rain!) would lead Rin to take Lisianthus home. Of course, now that I'm able to look back I can see than I made the mistake of mixing up Asa & Lisianthus' events, but this mistake merely leads back to an earlier question I had: Why were you so surprised that I got that scene with Asa?

Whenever I got my ears cleaned (it would always be by my mother), she'd use one of those small cotton swab stick things. I can't imagine what it would feel like to get something as pointy as Lisianthus' crochet needle stuck in my ear. (Now though I get my ears cleaned by a nurse at a local medical clinic by hot/warm water getting squirted in there.)

The meat and fish issue is one I've commonly seen all over the place. All the vegetarians I know who are not vegan have no problem with fish, no matter how much I try to tell them that fish is a meat too. Heck, some even consider poultry to not be meat.
Sabbo 9th Aug 11
If you wait, I'm pretty sure you always get Sia with you. Almost sure.

I dunno any vegetarians. Meh. Sounds stupid to me too.
neobowman 9th Aug 11