Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



...Well this is a first. Not regarding Shuffle, but regarding the liveblog. Maybe I'll still be lucky though.


And so here we are on another day I've seen before. If I remember correctly, there's only one more choice before my route is 100% set, and that's next Sunday. I'll see if I can get to at least that today.

But yes. Today Primula leaves for a few days for some experiments. No issue here, although Kaede's worry is understandable. At school, everybody has gathered the desks in a circle and talks about people who like or dislike rain. This explains how I already knew Lisianthus' opinion; I was remembering this scene. After Mayumi changes the topic to lunch, I get to see again the bit where Nerine says the kinds of things that happen when she cooks: "Fire, explosions, bleeding, dissolution... and much more."

Heh. And during a bit of this scene I can see Mayumi & Itsuki side-by-side, and they're rather...similar.

Oh, now this is nice. After lunch I get a new scene. While walking to the gym for PE, Lisianthus calls out to me. We're both late, although for different reasons, so while helping a teacher is a good excuse, Lisianthus having left something behind is not. When this is pointed out, she bolts for the gym... and almost immediately trips over. Trying to catch her, Rin grabs at her, managing to hold on to... her gym clothes. Her bloomers, anyway.

And of course, this gives me a CG. She's half-fallen down the stairs, with Rin's arm holding on to her clothes, leaving her panties exposed. Blue & white striped; I'm sure you're curious. In a feat of strength surprising even himself, he's able to pull her up somehow. Lisianthus fully realizes that it's in no way his fault, but is still embarrassed, justifying that it was okay because of who it was there.

All-in-all, I think the lesson Shuffle is trying to give here is that being an Accidental Pervert is a sure-fire way to win a woman's heart.


More blue writing. Considering that this is a Friday and the scene here is Rin's room, I guess this is the day Kaede gets sick. I wonder whether she gets sick on her route, and whether anything's different if she does.

So yeah. Rin finds Kaede in the kitchen, puts her to bed, and reluctantly goes to school. Itsuki gets his first taste of Mayumi's love (ie. being tied up). Lisianthus and Nerine worry about Kaede. The teacher warns me not to get in an accident on the way home, lest Kaede kill herself. The same as last time, basically.

At home seems the same as well. We get Kaede talking in her sleep, and Lisianthus showing up to cook. I do wonder whether the cooking scene will be different though, now that her route is pretty much set.

...Darn. She's still keeping the secret about her biological mother a secret, so it seems it's all the same. Again Lisianthus compares her relationship with Rin to be lacking compared to Kaede's, and again he finds it difficult to explain exactly what that relationship is.


Blue writing again, this time for the day Kaede, Asa & Kareha go shopping to get Primula a bra. While I'm curious where this final choice will lead, I think I'll pick the same as last time, so as not to get too close to Asa (Although I do get the feeling that you need perfect answers to get her route). I'll save before the choice, just in case.

So yeah. Rin complains about Asa & Kareha tagging along, Asa asks about Primula's preferences, Asa essentially abuses Primula through sheer genki-ness... It's all the same really. After Rin leaves, I again choose the option

Just go shopping

which again leads me to pass by a doll store and pick up a pair of cats for Primula. Her smiling scene is very heartwarming though still.

As you'd expect though, everything is the same after we get home. Kaede, Asa & Kareha are gossiping while cooking, Primula is still captivated by her cats, the meal is a traditional one, and we get a reminder about the upcoming "final" exams. Nothing really of note here.


As expected, this is the same too. Everyone's doing some last-minute preparing for exams, and we get to see what everybody thinks of them: Itsuki is gloating, Mayumi is frantic, Kaede & Nerine are calm, and Lisianthus has resigned herself to her (apparent) fate.

After the exam, as before, Rin & Itsuki make the bet we know Itsuki's going to lose. Oh, and Itsuki's maniacal laughter is still annoying. After school, Lisianthus' father barges into my house and complains about his daughter's potential extra lessons. She calms him down. A while after they leave, Kaede gets reminded by Rin about what the next day's exams are, and so they both study alone.


This is the day Asa gets annoyed at the magic exam. I certainly am curious as to how that issue will turn out in her route. After a brief conversation with Kareha, the day's over.


After the exams today, like last time, a conversation with Nerine prompts the idea of everyone celebrating after it's all over. I do note though that when Rin says that there's still next year's summer, Nerine is rather saddened. Perhaps she is already thinking about leaving? ...Nah; only half of the time has passed so far, I think. Maybe less.


As the exams end, I note that it's not entirely the same as last time - while the start was the same, this time Lisianthus has come to talk to me to ask about my grades (It was Nerine last time, of course), and is concerned about how she did. Two bad subjects, and one in the grey zone; I wouldn't be that confident either were I her. At least the "academy" won't be destroyed. Academy seems like such an out-of-place word here, I think.

...And back to blue text, as I declare a celebration for the end of exams.


And again, this is the first Saturday where the school is shown. Mayumi is again oddly optimistic, and Lisianthus & Nerine are optimistic in their own ways. Same as last time again.


Ah yes, this is the day where Lisianthus' father is helping his daughter with the shopping. I wonder if I'll get a bit extra here for the route I'm doing? Just like last time, she's being harassed by a couple of delinquents by the CAFFE, but her father again butts in. Nothing new though, unfortunately. And I was so hoping.


The observant among may have noticed that I just went through two weeks during this installment, but this is because of how little each day had new. Savour it though, as my installment frequency will quite likely be taking a dip in the very near future - the break from my schooling ends in two days. Or tomorrow, come to think of it, since it just passed midnight a few minutes ago.



:(. I was just catching up.
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