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As I expected, this is the day where Kaede gives Rin an umbrella in the morning, despite his thoughts that it won't rain. After school, Itsuki goes on and on about the joys of sharing an umbrella, and in asking Kaede to walk home with him, reveals that she forgot hers. Like last time, I get the option of either going with Kaede or

Go home with a friend

Like yesterday, I would rather not get too close to Kaede. After a brief bit about who still needs to do what, Kaede says that she can go home with Mayumi. When Rin asks her why she didn't mention it, she says she was testing how I would answer, and considers this a success since I still expressed concern for Kaede. Go figure. Mayumi then reminds Itsuki how little time he has if he still wants to go home with a beautiful girl. He quickly leaves, prompting vague and slightly backhanded respectful comments from we who remain.

Later, in the corridor, Rin bemoans the upcoming three weeks of rain as he leaves, which gets a comment from Asa, who is apparently of a similar feeling.

...Asa? When is Lisianthus' "in"? Maybe this won't be as simple as I thought. :/

Rin remarks how he's always surprised by Asa's entrances, to which she says "I just couldn't resist your lonely back." I really need to figure out whether or not she likes him yet. As they talk about the rain, it turns out that - surprise surprise - Asa has also forgotten her umbrella, and none of her friends with umbrellas remain. "Friendship is on a first come first served bases", she says. He he.

It also turns out that Kareha has already started her part time job already, so had to leave long before Asa could. After a couple of not so subtle hints from Asa, Rin offers his umbrella to share.

On their way to Asa's home (because leaving her to walk alone all the way from his to hers would be a bad idea), I find interesting how she says that she'd never consider Rin as a love interest. Suuure. Rin responds similarly (and bluntly), to which she acts offended even though it's clear she's not. She says she just doesn't want my current love interests as rivals. Outside her house, she thanks me and invites me in for tea and cookies. Cue enthusiastic acceptance.

In her room (why not a sitting room of some sort like Nerine's only inside background?), Rin muses about how he's been to Asa's house a number of times before, including in her room, albeit not as often. Asa says she just wants to get changed first, and says Rin can peep if he wants, but has to let her know first. She also says she'll scream if she does get peeped on. What an... interesting person.

After some time, Rin is concerned about how long Asa is taking - somewhere near 15 minutes already - and decides to go to the bathroom - or more specifically, the toilet - while he waits.

Guess what! Asa's already in there, and in the middle of pulling up (or was it down?) her panties in the CG scene that pops up. In the awkwardness, Rin asks Asa whether she forgot to lock the door, to which she replies that the lock's broken. After he slowly backs out and closes the door, she seems to actually realize what just happened, and lets out the promised scream. (Although I bet the scream she was originally thinking of wouldn't have been so heartfelt. Kinda. Her voice acting seems rather plain when it comes to screaming.)


Now let's see, what day was this... Ah yes, Primula's visit. Like last time, a bunch of the guys in the classroom (and a couple of girls) pay attention to her when she starts talking to Rin, and Nerine's father makes a scene as he gives his daughter a five-tiered bento. Afterward, Mayumi warns me to watch myself. Not concerned this time, lady.

Like last time, after school I again get the choice of sticking around or going home. This being the only chance I could think of, back when I reviewed the choices, of an event with Lisianthus, I pick

Look around a little longer

I'm also curious as to how this will differ.

And lo-and-behold, Lisianthus pops up and excitedly talks about the ever-falling rain. I vaguely recall this being mentioned in my last run-through, but Lisianthus likes the rain, and Rin doesn't. She seems very interested in the concept of a rainy season, too. In all her excitement however,it seems she's forgotten her umbrella...

Cue CG of Rin & Lisianthus under an umbrella. This, I think, is the first chronologically possible scene wherein Rin's face is shown in its entirety. And he's still a head taller than this girl too. As they walk, Rin notices many other students looking at them, but isn't worried due to how much it's happened with Kaede. Soon enough, Lisianthus comments on how she thinks of Rin as "sweet", and points out how he's been holding the umbrella more over her than himself. She leans closer, partially to lessen how wet he gets, and partially of course for the closeness itself. In the following silence, Rin muses about how the rain's not so bad, with Lisianthus beside him, and how Lisianthus herself is nice too.


Ah, I remember this day. This was the day I that had me considering to call the equivalent liveblog installment during the last runthrough "Borderline!" (But instead chose "Umbrella!"). I think I ended up opting against that because I had (and have) no clue how far over the border this intends to go.

But yeah. Kaede has given her old clothes to Primula, and Rin has decided to show her around the neighborhood. First stop, the CAFFE! As before, Primula wants to see the cats in the "catcher machine", but is disappointed when they're not there. As we continue to walk around, it starts raining again, and as expected, Rin notices how transparent white silk becomes when wet.


I'd continue, but then it'd be harder to think of a proper title for this installment. No matter though; this was getting a little long anyway.



How in the world did you get the Asa scene? Lol.
neobowman 19th Jul 11
Not sure (of course).

...but on a related point, I think that picking Lisianthus in the very first choice is a part of Asa's route.
Sabbo 20th Jul 11