Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Good news! I can update this more often now that I finished the first semester of school this year.


The first scene for today is by the CAFFE, and after a boring monolog by Rin, he sees Kareha walking down the street. I call out to her and remark on her being alone here. She says she's buying a present for her sister, who will be attending the still-ambiguously-named "Academy" next year, after Kareha leaves. While Rin is optimistically imagining what she looks like, Kareha asks if I'm free today. Apparently she wants a guard against guys hitting on her. Her sweet-talk easily makes Rin give in. She warms her arm around mine, saying that's what Asa suggest she do for guys she is with. Rin is unsure what to think. Kareha muses that it's like being on a date, echoing Rin's thoughts.


On another random walk, I spot Nerine in front of her house, prompting an odd exchange:

Nerine: Rin-sama... going somewhere?

Rin: Yeah, I don't have anything to do.

Now, while I'm sure that made sense in Japanese, in English this is generally what we call a contradiction - if you have nothing to do, then odds are that you're not going anywhere in particular, as is generally implied if you say you are "going somewhere". Moving on though.

Nerine looks "bashful" (does anybody even really use that word anymore?) and says that she wanted to do something with me. Having nothing else to do - and preferring company - I agree.

The CAFFE again! Boy oh boy do I love seeing this place every third day!

...That said, this distinctly reminds me of a scene from the OP where Nerine wraps herself around Rin's arm on this street. Within 20 text boxes, I bet.

Three boxes in, I ask her whether her pink outfit she's wearing is new. By the seventh she has said that it is, and thanks me for saying it looks good on her. By the thirteenth I have compared walking with Nerine to walking with other girls and consider this much better. More relaxed.

Here we go. On the sixteenth box she has asked if she can hold my arm. I accept, and on the nineteenth her portrait disappears from view and she thanks me. The twentieth describes her wrapping herself around my arm, and the scene changes. Am I good or what?

Nice music. Very soothing. Half piano chords, half keyboard. (Although I bet the piano is electronic too)

During this unique scene, she asks me whether she's the closest one to me in the whole world right now. It doesn't seem to be a question requiring an answer, but instead makes us both happy. Rin realizes that there are many people looking at them as they walk down the street, but feels superior for it, not embarrassed.

After a brief exchange about who is happier than the other (they can't agree), Rin says that he doesn't feel as though the girl next to him and the girl from his childhood are the same. Nerine doesn't mind, of course, and actually seems to agree. Nerine gets a little bit embarrassed when I compliment her smile and say I want to keep seeing it, but she is obviously happy with that and says that the only thing she needs to make her smile is my presence. I'd be tempted to call that a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, but I of course don't know most of the WAFFy moments in Shuffle! yet.


At home, Primula suggests to Kaede that the laundry needs doing. Kaede, afraid that the weather forecast said something bad, is concerned, but Primula calmly states that me being up is more reliable. Kaede explains that there is still school and I need to be up early anyway, but is surprised that I woke up on my own. Rin feels abused.

At school, the teacher expresses ambiguous concern while Itsuki expresses ambiguous reassurance. How ambiguous.

Afterward, as I leave, Mayumi calls out to me. I ignore her, but she calls out again, revealing that she saw me and Nerine together. Figuring she's out for blackmail, Rin asks her bluntly what she wants. Turns out that all she wants are "juicy details"... And I can practically hear her inner-gossip... Ah, here we go. If I don't tell her what she wants to hear, she threatens to put photos into the school newspaper.

Later, in the cafe, Mayumi is practically interrogating me. I tell her the truth, and she's surprised that we haven't even kissed. She questions whether I have something else I'm interested in, but I say I'm completely normal, but she retorts that it's not normal for us to have done nothing. Shortly, she says "Hmm... hey? Isn't that Rin-chan?", prompting me to look over to where she's directing her attention to.

It seems that Nerine is across the street. She notices me and smiles, coming closer. Rin monologs WAFFily again. Even when Mayumi calls out, Rin ignores her and keeps staring at Nerine. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is. Rin seems to be aware of his true feelings now.


That should do for now. A new thought though: Perhaps the transparent image of Nerine in the opening scenes of each day is meant to symbolize that she is on my mind? No matter though.



Stare 0_0.

Very standard dating sim events this time.
neobowman 24th Jun 11
Why the "Stare 0_0."?
Sabbo 24th Jun 11
Need moar entries
neobowman 1st Jul 11
Quite. If I forget like this again, please call me out on it within a couple of days. >_<

Honestly, I frequently check both the liveblogs section and the general discussion thread of the VN board (among quite a few other, less relevant places), so the only thing which has really been stopping me most of the time for the past couple of weeks has been my own procrastination.

And just so that I follow through with it: Tomorrow, I will be putting up multiple liveblog installments. I'll be aiming for three, but it might end up being more or less than that, depending on various circumstances. I'll be doing one tonight as well.
Sabbo 4th Jul 11