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So where were we? Ah yes, the so-called "final exams".

MONDAY 5TH (...Or is it the 7th? Different countries using different ordering confuses me sometimes.)

It's the morning before the first exam, with the day's first scene being in the classroom. Itsuki comes up to me, acting as if I've already failed, but I shrug him off by asking Mayumi to give a retort for me. She instead yells at me for making her forget some words she was trying to remember - It seems that she's even worse than Rin when it comes to exams, or so Kaede implies. I go to my seat to get some last minute studying done.

...But then I give up and instead start people-watching. Kaede looks normal, Nerine... is looking at me. She smiles and blushes. Shortly after, Lisianthus taps me on the shoulder saying - seemingly proudly - that we'll be in the extra lessons together. She cries, admitting that she's no good at English (Is this "English" or "the native language"?) or History... or studying.

Mrs. B enters the room, telling everyone to get to their death chairs and put away their books. Har. Itsuki makes a final wisecrack, and time passes. After the exam, Rin feels oddly confident in how well he did, even going so far as to check his answers with the textbook and still feeling the same. Itsuki (again...) says I should be cursing the teachers by destroying a picture of them, and that he feels like doing the same to me. Rin in his ignorance says he has no idea why anyone would want to do that, but Itsuki reminds him of him being so close to Kaede, one of the most popular girls in the school.

Back to the subject of exams however, he is very surprised when I declare my confidence in how I did. I even say that I may have done better than him, despite his status as one of the smartest people around. (Although conversely, he is also one of the dumbest. I just wish he'd realize that.) In my confidence, we make a bet regarding who did better in that exam.

And after some gloating on both sides, we laugh. Well, he does anyway; Rin doesn't have a voice.

Shortly after: Mayumi, pretty much bawling, says somebody should curse the classical literature teacher and cancel the exam.

A while after, at home, the doorbell rings. Lisianthus' father comes in, yelling "Rin-dono!" in big letters. I'm guessing he's concerned about how his daughter has done. After some more yelling, I get him to quiet down and he complains about the "extra lessons" (which he has a warped view of anyway), and seems quite serious about a threat he makes to destroy the academy.

This, however, is stopped when Lisianthus comes in, looking very angry. Turns out she hit her father. Again. With a chair... again. Brutal. She comforts me while her father apologizes. He is impressed at her vigilance, and asks me what he can do to help. Rin (apparently not seeing the irony) says that all he can do is pray, and Lisianthus essentially agrees. When he complains, she hits him again and says simply, "Lets' go home."

Let's. While most people forget to put in any apostrophe at all, how can anybody act like it is a possessive and not a contraction?

Lisianthus apologizes one last time and leaves, with the scene now changing to night. In my room, I lament the next exam subjects being Math and World History (Why is World History a subject in a school built on the unity of peoples from three different worlds?), which are both subjects Rin is not confident with. While hoping for a miracle, Kaede comes in with some drinks, leading Rin to declare, "What a perfect timing, Kaede! I love you so much!"

Hehe. She is of course embarrassed in an amusing way again. I think I'll follow her path next time.

I ask if she needs to study, but she says she is confident for both the English and Physics exams tomorrow. Why are they different? In her confidence, she offers to help me instead.

Oh wait, she got them wrong. Panicking, she rushes back to her room to study, and the day ends.


And since it's the seventh of the seventh, there is no doubt as to which day it is. :D

In the school hallway, while I rush to class before the exam, Asa calls out to me. She and Kareha seem very relaxed. Asa plainly - and a bit rudely, I think - says that she has no intention of studying for her next exam, which is about magic. She leaves, while I monologue that she hates magic itself, not just the exam for it. Kareha, however, sticks around.

She seems to feel sorry for the humans having to do a "magic studies" class, and is thankful for how long she's been in the human realm when it comes to language and history classes. Rin thinks about how Kareha is good in a number of other subjects too, musing how "perfect people really exist, just like Kaede". The god then notices how I'm surprisingly calm for an exam I don't expect to do well in, which makes me realize I have to get back to class.


Well that was short.

After that days' exams, Rin isn't confident of how well he did, having left around a third of it blank. Nerine comes over to console me, but Rin remarks at how good she is at most subjects, which gets her to admit her lack of confidence in Physical Education. Well, that's not much.

"And home economics..."

Lucky her that there are no exams for those two then.

I let her know that I am confident enough that I don't expect to have to go to the extra lessons, so she suggests we go somewhere with everyone during summer break. (Summer break? The Japanese summer ends in a month!) Of course, while we're thinking that everyone will do fine, Lisianthus and Mayumi both yell out (to no one and Kaede, respectively) how they are not as confident as we are. We'll see. While I say that there's always next year, Nerine responds awkwardly: "...Yes..."

I wonder what that's about?

And since the next scene is after the end of the last exam the next day, we'll stop here for now.



The laughing scene between Itsuki and Rin was hilarious.
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