Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



A new installment? Already? Well, I'm two days further behind than I wanted to be, so this is how it goes.


In my room (Which I notice has a lot more stuff than Kaede's. Huh), it turns out that I've slept in. It's 9:15am, so I'm already late. I wonder why Kaede didn't wake me up as normal. Stumbling into the dining room I notice that (offscreen)... Kaede has passed out? This doesn't seem good.

Time passes, and we get another unique scene, this time of Kaede in bed. I say that she should take it easy more often, and that I can cook instant noodles and microwaveable food if I need to. Her response?

"Rin-kun... That's not called coking..."

Hehe. Coking.

After I tell her to get some rest, she says I should go to the still-ambiguously-titled academy, and that I tend to prioritize myself over others in situations like this. (...That sounds like her, actually. :/) She then blackmails me into either going, or she won't rest. I give in.

In front of the academy is far emptier than I last saw it. Rin apparently called ahead, so there is little issue as he enters after first period. Lisianthus and Nerine both look worried as they greet me, and I explain to them that Kaede is sick and I "had to tie her up on the bed". A questionable phrase if I ever heard one. Itsuki hears this and makes the obvious response, but I quickly get Mayumi to get rid of him; she says she'll tie him up in the corner of the room.

Oh yes, I'm seeing a real pairing here.

After talking a bit more about Kaede with Lisianthus and Nerine, I monologue that I am thankful for my friends. Perspective flip to Mayumi & Itsuki: He looks shocked and/or in pain while saying "I'm discovering a whole new world!" ...Did she actually tie him up and he's getting into bondage? I can only guess so.

After school, Mrs. B says to the class that "I'm not going to say his name, but someone whose mind is occupied about his princess, be careful on the way home." May as well have said my name. Then, while smiling, she continues, "If you get in an accident, that princess might kill herself." Sadly true. The actual princesses might consider following suit as well. >_>

Huh. This thing is rather inconsistent about whether she's a Miss or a Mrs. One or the other, lady.

Afterward, Lisianthus & Nerine wish for the safety of me and Kaede, and - oddly, the scene flicks to the school hallway, then outside my house, then the hallway in my house, and then finally Kaede's bedroom. "Offscreen", she is still in her bed (the bed is visible, but she is not), and a similar unique scene to that morning shows up, only with Kaede being asleep this time. Her temperature has gone down, and she's talking in her sleep. After I leave, we can see one last line saying that she wants to be with Rin forever. As if we didn't already know that.

In the kitchen (actually a dining room scene, but the kitchen is visible), Rin notices that there is nothing to eat which doesn't need to be cooked. Real cooking, I mean. After looking through where the snacks are kept and finding essentially nothing, I look for ads for a phone number to order in some food. Then comes an interesting line:

"Why did you get rid of all the ads, Kaede-san...?"

Kaede-san? Sometimes, changes in honorifics just plain confuses me...

As I prepare to leave to the convenience store to get some food I can actually eat, perfect timing sets in and who could be at the door but Lisianthus, the neighbor who can actually cook?

Turns out Kaede rang her family that afternoon in order to make sure someone could come here and make sure I actually eat properly. Lisianthus' father had about as much sense as me, but she insisted that she cook for me.

Unique scene: Lisianthus in the kitchen wearing a frilly pink apron. It's probably because it's an apron, but this doesn't look nearly as bad as Primula's clothes from the other day, despite having more frills.

While she's cooking, I ask her whether she always cooks, and she says that her mothers help her sometimes but she still does most of it. Mothers? She says she has three, and Rin is understandably surprised. Turns out that the world of the Gods supports polygamy, and while she only has one biological mother, she still loves them all. Incidentally, she says that her biological mother is in a unique situation, but wants to keep it a secret so doesn't give any details.

After dinner Rin says that Lisianthus is making progress on her training to become a bride (an earlier-stated reason for why she cooks so much), and while I would expect at least a bit of blushing at that, she just takes the compliment as it is and moves on to asking how her cooking compares to Kaede's. While Rin says he likes both, he also says that Kaede knows exactly what he likes, and cooks accordingly. Lisianthus takes this as a reason to get better, and "get closer to the relationship between [you and Kaede]". (She says "you two")

While deny there being any such relationship, Lisianthus posits that spending so much time together is a very strong thing. Well at least now I know Rin isn't a total idiot: He is well aware of how Kaede feels about him... he's just not sure how to respond. The God takes this as a sign that she still has a good chance.

As she leaves that night, Lisianthus pretty much gives the standard pleasantries (considering who she's talking with, of course), and departs. I monologue some more about having good friends, and also that I should be more independent.

I head to Kaede's room with the food Lisianthus made for her, only to find her still sleeping. Not unexpected, I suppose. I decide to bring the food to her later, but as I leave she calls my name. It would appear that she's still sleeping though. Again, she says that she wants me to stay with her forever, and Rin replies in an interesting way...

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here." followed by "I promised you..."

That, however, is the end of this rather long day. The longest since Lisianthus and Nerine were formally introduced, I think.



AH, I knew I was missing something in my daily routines. All caught up now.

This was one of my first V Ns so I didn't really notice the honourifics (Canadian spelling) being changed. Then again, I probably wouldn't notice even if I went through it now.
neobowman 19th Apr 11
I'm Australian, but honestly, "honor" and "honorifics" look better to me.

Perhaps you may have noticed me flip-flopping between the use of "monolog" and "monologue"?
Sabbo 19th Apr 11
Monolog is a correct spelling?
neobowman 22nd Apr 11
It's the US spelling. (Relatedly, I will always say dialog rather than dialogue)
Sabbo 22nd Apr 11