Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


Bento! (aka. How damn borderline will this thing get?)

And as we come back to the world of Shuffle! once more, we see a somewhat pinkish-grey bedroom to greet the new day - a Sunday, to be precise. Turns out it's Kaede's room, and she's going through a "chest". Drawers, I assume.

I ask her what she's doing, and she says she's looking through her old clothes to find something to fit Primula... Personally, I can't imagine her in anything other than that black skivvy she wears all the time. Even the school uniform she wears in the OP looks weird to me.

Soon enough though, we are introduced to a Primula wearing a white top with far, far too many frills - and they all say they like it. Whatever happened to decent fashion sense? That aside, Rin comments on how if that fits Primula now, that means that Kaede once had breasts that small too. As one should expect, this causes her to become thoroughly embarrassed.

After Rin realizes what he's done and explains himself, he decides to take Primula out to see the city. By the front door, she is once again blunt and says she "likes to breathe outside".


By the CAFFE, I ask her what she thinks of this world - whether she's getting used to it. She says it's the same, and after another question reveals that she knows essentially nothing of the world of Devils. I ask her whether there's anywhere nearby she wants to go, and she says she wants to go to where she met me. The crane game, perhaps?

We find a crane game - "catcher machine", as this calls it - but she says it is not the one. Turns out it is, but the prizes were changed since we were last here, so she loses interest. I ask if there's anywhere else she wants to go, but she says there isn't. Rin, ending up with a rather plain solution, decides to give Primula a tour around the area...

Until it starts raining. It seems that everything went from fine to deluge in but a few minutes. I suggest she take a bath after we get home so she doesn't catch a cold, but... Oh? Well this was an unexpected scene change.

Still in the shopping strip, a one-off scene pops up. Primula is standing in the rain, and what do we all know happens to white clothing in the rain? Bingo. Her once opaque white top is now transparent, looking a bit pink all over, with two slightly darker pink and very... distinguishable marks. This is so very borderline of what would be allowed to be sold in America. This girl is clearly underage, and here are her nipples clear as day. And considering what this is, being suggestive was the whole point of it.

And before I complain too much about this borderline imagery, I'm going to move on to the next scene and just give you a summary: Rin asked her about why she didn't have a bra, and she had no idea what a bra was.


It's the morning, and the doorbell rings. Primula says that it's for her, and goes off to answer the door. While I trust her in this - she's magic, remember? - Rin & Kaede are confused at why she would think this. Turns out it's Nerine's father.

To put it simply, he says that he'll be taking custody of Primula for around a week. Wondering if she was aware, I ask whether she had been told, and it seems that she had. Perhaps on that day she came to the school? The reason for the custody turns out to be because some tests need to be done regarding changes she's made to this world, and changes which have occurred within her because of the world.

After saying a short farewell and Kaede noting the suddenness of Primula's departure, the scene changes to the school, after the morning classes.

While Nerine complains about not being able to eat outside, Lisianthus says that she loves the rain, and really wants to jump in puddles. It seems that Kaede and Itsuki are other people who like the rain, although I suspect the latter is just trying to suck up to the girls... Yup, I was right. He references the Together Umbrella again.

When I ask Nerine why she doesn't like the rain, she says that she doesn't like the dark sky. Mayumi agrees. All in all though, this scene is seeming very slice-of-lifeish; nice to read, but terribly boring to repeat as I am now.

When Kaede complains about shopping in the rain, Mayumi says how much I'm treating her like a housewife. Hey, she does it this way on purpose thank you very much. I say that she should try acting like a housewife for a change, and she pretends to take it as a marriage proposal. Rin, however, is not so good at taking a joke.

Moving the topic from housewives to each person's bento however, Mayumi takes a guess that Lisianthus and Nerine make their own too, just as Kaede does. While one does, it turns out that Nerine can't cook; her father makes her lunch. Mayumi and Itsuki are very shocked, but I remind them of the five-tiered bento from the other day. Moving on though however, when Nerine asks about Mayumi's bento she seems... embarrassed? Rin uses the word "torture", which just makes me even more curious.

On a slightly different point, it seems that Itsuki gets his lunch homemade by a different girl everyday. Nobody considers this a good thing but him. The screen blacks out except for him, and we are once again told that he is the worst person there is.