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Mini-Update #4
[Back at the Plaza...]

To the Firm!

Let's lighten the load.


Total: 1,539 en.

Unlocked Items:

The weapons aren't much use to me so far (Club Skills suck and Gabe's still more useful with rapiers), but the Hobblegeon is worth getting. Every bit of defense helps when it comes to fighting FOEs (which we may or may not be doing).

I shell the 1560 en needed to buy four (Report doesn't get one because a) I plan to keep his HP at max for the full-party regen, and b) there'll be something better that only he can use once we reach the fourth floor).

With the team armored slightly better, it's time for a quick stopover at the inn to save, then back to the labyrinth.

Aman: Hey, boss! I think Miss Hypatia is waiting for someone.

Axel: What makes you say that?

Aman: She's been going back and forth, back and forth, between the inn and the Labyrinth today.

Report: You sure she's not just training? You know, enter the labyrinth, fight monsters until your TP and/or HP is low, then rest at the Inn to get back to full?

Aman: I said today. Besides, that'd be impossible; you can only wake up at 7 am or 7 pm.


Ignoring the fact that it's owned and run by what looks like a ten-year-old boy, if you fall asleep anywhere in the building, you'll only be able to wake up at 7 am or pm. Numerous experts have conducted studies into this matter, with the conclusion that the beds are just damn comfy.

Aman: I hope all that walking around doesn't wear her out...

Alright, outta there and back into the labyrinth!

Next Time: I walk back and forth by the river repeatedly!
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