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Chapter 20 - Battle With the Raging Tyrant
Last time on TVTropes The Webcomic Liveblogs EO3...you know what, just read the previous update. I don't need to tell you what happened last time. However, I will say this:

Party at full, Savestate and backup savestate set, Ambush at...56 steps. All green.

Red FOE Battle: Raging Tyrant

Preemptive strike!

Report: It's...a giant hippo?

Axel: It's probably a lot stronger than it looks.

Ere: Stop blabbin' and let's kick its ass already!

Turn 1.

Raging Tyrant: What? Who did that?

Gabe: Hiyahs.

Raging Tyrant: Explorers? Perfect timing; I need to finish dying the top part of my body red.

Turn 2.

Axel: That bad feeling's gone...

Raging Tyrant: How do you like that?

Axel: Not one bit. You suck.

Turn 3.

Raging Tyrant, muffled due to head bind: What do you mean, I suck?

Axel: You're weak, you're slow, and your attacks hit for crap damage. You suck.

Turn 4.

Axel: You know, you've got a sharp tongue there. How's about I cut it out for you?

Turn 5.

Raging Tyrant: [screams in pain]

Axel: whoops, I missed your tongue. It's all good, though, 'cause I hit your face instead.

Report: Why are you taunting him? You don't usually do that.

Axel: This guy made me waste adrenaline.

Report: Oh.

Turn 6.

Axel: Oh, look, an attack that randomly misses party members! Royalant called; she wants her useless-ass move back!

Raging Tyrant: Why, you...!

Turn 7.

Turn 8.

Raging Tyrant: Take this! Full Power!

Ere: Blah blah blah shut up.

Turn 9.

Dumbass goes down halfway through turn 9. He doesn't even get his Charged attack off.

Defeating the Raging Tyrant nets us 12848 exp, as well as a Hippo Tusk and a Luck Book.

>You've discovered a new monster! Raging Tyrant!

>Discovered a new item: Hippo Tusk! (Regular drop from Raging Tyrant)

Whew, done with that finally. I'm only going to do this for Bosses and certain Red FOEs

Next time: More exploring!
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