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Chapter 10 - Better Sh*t

Hey, all, welcome back.

Last update, we met Missy, owner of the Butterfly Bistro, and Axel nearly suffocated between a pair of breasts. This is shaping up to be quite a fun LB.

Now then, let's do some quests.

>>Accept Quests

Right now we have two available quests: Butterfly Bistro's new menu, and The fisherman's rest.

Quests can be divided into three categories:
  • Gather Requests - The client requires a certain number of a certain type of loot, sometimes multiple types. The goal of these quests is to go out and collect this loot using the available methods.
  • Search Requests - The client wants you to go and do something at a specific point on a specific floor. Unlike the other two request types (and missions), these can actually be failed if you do the wrong thing at the intended location.
  • Extermination Requests - The basic "go out, kill stuff, come back" request. These are pretty straightforward to a non-newbie.

Both of the quests available right now are really easy, so let's go ahead and take both.

>>Butterfly Bistro's new menu > Yes

>>Accept Quests > The fisherman's rest > Yes

For the first quest (the new menu), Missy wants us to bring back 1 Frog Cheek and 3 Slimy Legs. As luck would have it, We've got those right here, so let's turn it in.

>>Report Results > Butterfly Bistro's new menu

We turn in the quest, and are rewarded with 3 Tents and 200 exp apiece. We're also 4 loot items lighter, which means, in addition to the Red Scale I tossed before, we've got room for 5 more monster parts. But don't run back into the woods just yet; there's something we can do first.

Let's head back to Napier's Firm.

>>Leave > Napier's Firm

Shopkeeper: Ah, I see you've successfully completed the Senatus' orders. I received their notification.

Oh yeah, Flowdia said something about a new item for us to buy. She also made it very clear on how the sanctity of our very asses will owe themselves to this item a thousand-fold.

Shopkeeper: You see, there is one item that may only be sold to explorers authorized by the Senatus...

Report: And that is...?

Shopkeeper: It's called an Ariadne Thread. Use it to teleport back to Armoroad whenever you freaking need to, for any reason whatsoever. Walking is overrated. All your feet will do is send you straight to eternal damnation. You should always have one with you when in the Labyrinth from this point on.

I personally prefer to keep at least two on me at all times, in case I forget to buy one when unloading my loot. And speaking of unloading loot...


Earlier I said that this petite, shrewd woman is going to be your main source of income for the entire game. This is where that become relevant. I'm going to sell off all of the loot I got during the crapfest that was the first mission. Why? 3 reasons:

  • Make money
  • Free up space
  • Get better sh*t (Haha, title drop!)

Thanks to the wonder of the Y button, I can sell things in bulk.

  • 1 Mountain Claw (10 en)
  • 21 Sharp Teeth (168 en)
  • 6 Frog Cheeks (42 en)
  • 2 Green Thorns (10 en)
  • 3 Slimy Legs (12 en)
  • 21 Red Scales (21 en)

That's 295 en in total. Also, I unlocked some better gear.

The principle is, kill stuff in the labyrinth and take their body parts to the shopkeeper, who makes new gear out of them and then offers to sell it to you at ridiculously inflated prices. You then buy them, equip them, and go back into the labyrinth to kill more stuff.

It's kinda funny when you can go to B9F and smash open dragon eggs with a katana made from their mothers' horns while wearing their dead older brothers and sisters.

Deliciously sadistic. Like Bacon.

Anyway, I've unlocked a new sword, a new spear (which I will never use), a new knife, a book made of frog faces, a jacket made of fish, sandals made of frog, and a tent consisting of frog membrane stretched over lynx nails.

They make sense at some point, I promise.

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and pick up a pair of threads, as well as a Kopis for Axel.

A quick stopover in the Inn to save, and I'm ready to go. The other quest we took has a money reward, so let's go ahead and do that.

In order to complete this quest, head over to the dead end at 2A on B1F during the daytime. I'll also pick up those chests I missed last time.

  • 100 en
  • Medica II
  • Amrita

Another Great Lynx is waiting for me at the target location. Its ass is kicked the moment the battle started.

Missy makes Bill out to be a lazy bum, so I guess this spot where Great Lynxes like to tear sh*t up is perfect for his lazy ass. I pop a thread and return to town.

[Back to the Bistro...]

>>Report Results > The fisherman's rest

Missy gives us 100 en and 100 exp as a reward. The money's good (for now, somewhat), but she could have given us a lynx to pwn and we'd have gotten more exp.

I'd say that about wraps up this update. Next time: Harvest Points!