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Chapter 3 - Guild TvTropes Cheats their way through the first mission!

So, this time, we use natural-born smarts to use Zurcamos07's utterly epic walkthrough on GameFAQs to complete the first mission without having to actually work.

Where we last left off, we were at the entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Let's go ahead and go on in (there's only one floor to choose right now, so go ahead).

[First Stratum: Waterfall Wood]

[ B1F - A glorious journey's start]

I am going to say this right now: I do not intend to attempt to tell you how to navigate each and every floor of the labyrinth. My word would just confuse you and get you lost and your party killed. However, I will tell you about enemy information, treasures, quests, and other little tidbits.

Anyway, as you enter, you're treated to a breathtaking little shot of a waterfall and jungle, before you're thrust into a beautifully-rendered 2.5D jungle maze. I'm going to go ahead and draw in the map since I have its picture from the FAQ, so bear with it.




Okay, the required section is filled in. Now, regardless of the method you used to fill the map, you'll need to take it to the guard at D4 to have him verify it.

Since I filled the whole thing in while remaining at the starting point, I get a message when I take 3 steps forward.

>You step into the unyielding forest known as the Yggdrasil Labyrinth...Though many explorers have lost their lives in its halls, it is surprisingly beautiful.

Plants do grow better when they get plenty of fresh blood.

>The breathtaking flowers here are enough to make you feel as if you are simply out for a nature walk.

I can get, like, three jokes from this line alone:
  • The flowers actually can take your breath away.
  • Most nature walks don't include flora and fauna that can break through metal armor and still be sucseptible to swords.
  • The irony is, at level 20, the first floor is a nature walk.

>But you mustn't let your guard slip, even for a moment! Go forth and explore, always remembering that this forest is a fundamentally dangerous place.

These lines aren't prose. They're freaking serious. Everything save the beautifully-rendered backgrounds can and will try to kill you. But enough of that; let's check back in with the cast.

Report: This place is...nice. Why would they need combat-equipped explorers for this?

Axel: ...

Ranko: I just realized, you guys haven't introduced yourselves yet.

Report: Sorry. I'm Report Siht.

Ranko: Your last name is Sh-

Ere: No, it's Siht. Pronounce it like "sit".

Ranko: And you are...?

Ere: Ere D. Nust.

Gabe: I'm Gabriel Eht Eca-Regnilsnug.

Ranko: That's quite a mouthful.

Gabe: Just call me "Gabe". Easier to remember, and I like it better than "Gabriel".

Axel: ...

Gabe: He's Axel.

Ranko: Doesn't talk much, does he?

Ere: As if. He's always saying things nobody wants to hear. I say it's a good thing that he's so quiet right now.

Gabe: You okay there, bro?

Axel: Hm? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Report: What's got you so absentminded?

Axel: Don't worry about it. Besides, the map's filled in like the guard specified.

Anyway, on to the guard. If you talked to him already, he's at the same spot he was before if you didn't, problem.

At the crossroad, press 'A' to talk to him, and choose to report your success.

>While appreciating the roar of the nearby cataract, you find a guard alone at a crossroad.

Guard: I heard there'd be newcomers to the Guild coming. Welcome to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Ere: You already told us that. Map's done.

Guard: [looks at map] No, it isn't.

Report: What do you mean? Everything's where it should be.

Guard: No, it's right, but I have no way of telling if this is actually your work. This is the first time I've even seen you people, and I haven't moved from this spot in seven weeks or slept for two days, so I know you haven't been past here. You'll actually need to go out and explore. Nice try, though.

Gabe: Darn.

Slight flaw in my plan: I actually have to do some exploring. But there's a problem: with my current equipment setup, the stuff in the labyrinth will utterly slaughter everyone. I have no choice but to alter my plans somewhat.

For now, I'll just return to town.

Next time: Shopping!