Let's Play: Advance Wars: Dual Strike!

M4d H4tter
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Let's Play: Advance Wars: Dual Strike!

I will play the campaign of advance Wars: Dual Strike, only using custom dialogue and Lampshading as many tropes as I can.

Wish me luck!


Have fun!
SpellBlade 20th Mar 11
Good luck and may the mechs be with you.
EHK 21st Mar 11
This is actually one of my favorite games, so I'm looking forward to this.

...You know, I could probably do something like this myself sometime.
EponymousKid 21st Mar 11
Ooh, this looks interesting. I wish you luck, and I'll be reading along.
Fluid 21st Mar 11 10th Apr 11 10th Jun 11

zamboni 10th Jun 11 13th Nov 11
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