When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Six: Singing leaves a Sting

Wow, halfway through already, Iíd expect the videos to be longer to describe, but seeing as half of these videos contain the actual movie and not the added clips, I can see why. My thoughts so far are that this video is doing a lot better than Poohís Adventures of Double Double Toil and Trouble. Sure, Pooh and his friends still do nothing, but at least they were off-screen at those times. The only character I called out for not using their talents was Nala, compared to the previous one, where I called out almost everyone for not using their powers. The major gripe I had so far was the beginning, in which it was just many intros glued together and the true movie started five and a half minutes in. Alright then, letís begin the other half of the video.

Part 6 of 13

Everyone laughs at Shaggy kissing Scooby and then... What? Music? Oh dear God! Anything but this! Shaggy begins to sing Miracles Happen by Myra! GAH! SHAGGY SHOULDNíT SOUND LIKE A GIRL! AND THEN ARTHUR AND HIS FRIENDS BEGIN DANCING AND SINGING! ITíS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL GONE HORRIBLY WRONG! Wait... That did not sound right. BUT STILL!

Tennessee: Okay, thatís enough!

And the music stops. Thank you, Tennessee, you have saved my ears from the most brutal of bleedings. And this is why Tennessee is my favourite character next to Lester in this video. Finally, we get the plot rolling: Shaggy recalls his abduction and possible probing (They are aliens, what do you think will happen?). I forgot to mention that Crystal is a photographer. I do not know why I mentioned that. Oh, and the diner lady said that Scooby, Pooh, Simba, Tennessee and the others are just passing through. That was just fitting. I know the movie took place before Decade but it reinforces that Pooh and his friends are indeed traveling to different worlds and helping people in need. I just made it sound so epic, and the way this video is going, it seems like I may be watching the best Poohís Adventures episode ever.

So Scooby and Shaggy get all clean for Crystal and Amber. Cool. And they go to the gas station where they meet one of the three characters from the very start who found that weird signal. The manís name is Max. and Ruby... Ruby and Max GAH! NOW YOU GOT ME SINGING! I better end this part now!