The Titan Goes!


Chapter 5: Now I Know How Gnome Feels...

In this chapter I'll be facing the wind spirit, Sylph, when they're at their weaker phase, rather than returning and fighting them when they are twice as strong.

Sylph is actually a triad of Spirits, Sephie (14,640 hp), Yutis (12,960 hp), and Fairess (12,380 hp), all fairies. Sephie wields an enormous sword and has a spinning slash, a downwards slice, the Wind Blade spell and the Rising Wind tech. Yutis wields a bow and has a basic arrow shot, the Wind Arrow and Spit Arrow techs. Fairess wields a shield and has a tackling attack, and the Wind Blade and Air Thrust spells. Fairess can also cast her spells really quickly, while Sephie and Yutis can teleport. This was one hell of a fight because it's three boss level enemies against me. I opened up with a Unison Attack on Sephie, ending with Dark Serpent, and then quickly turned my attention to Fairess. I sent her sliding with Beast while Sephie was down and then did the same to Yutis, followed by me switching back to Sephie and using a full normal hit -> Sword Rain -> Sonic Thrust combo on her, and then running away to dodge Fairess' Air Thrust. I was about to go and attack Sephie again when I was intercepted by Yutis' arrows and Fairess' Wind Blade. I used Tempest to sail over them and then started to attack Sephie, but she broke out of my combo and used Rising wind on me and the rest of my nearly dead teammates. I healed and tried to finish her off but was eventually surrounded by the three fairies, and was unable to do much but heal with Apple and Melange Gels. I entered Overlimit and used Rising Falcon to get out of there, though in doing so pushed Sephie into Overlimit as well. I used my Overlimit to Beast Yutis and Fairess, and waited for Sephie' Overlimit to wear off. As soon as it did I rushed her and finished her off in a quick combo, leaving only Yutis and Fairess. I went after Yutis next to stop her from interrupting my attacks and had trouble approaching her when she continually teleported away and pelted me with arrows. I eventually simply used Tempest to fly across the battlefield to avoid arrows and spells and took some pot shots at Yutis. When Yutis had reached about 5,000 hp and Fairess had reached about 8,000 hp, Fairess ran out of tp and started chasing me around the battlefield. I simply took the opportunity to combo Yutis whenever I could, and eventually finished her with a Rising Falcon. After that I continually Beasted Fairess into a corner, and then pinned her down behind her shield with Sword Rains and Sonic Thrusts and we preceded to trade blows. She eventually scrounged up enough tp for a quick Wind Blade, which took me by surprise, but I finished her off soon after with a Demon Fang.

After the battle I went to a House of Salvation, rested and healed at level 56, and saved. In the next Chapter, I will be heading to the Tower of Salvation and facing the many bosses that reside there.