Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Kargona -- Act #2

=Act 2 – Scence #1=

[A beach near a river of lava. The portal dump the Korguna Searchers: Sundlin, Uzax, Natara, Erigan, and Voret on the beach. They recover quicker then usual]

Erigan: Wow. This is strange. I think we are in the past. That portal was a time portal.

Voret: That Gabaki was just a lie so they can get rid us by having us being caught up in the storm that brought the ice age.

Erigan: Not really. They looked unnerved – and we centuries before the ice age. By the looks of town. It's not as future at it was as the time of the ice age.

[A town similar to a 1980s Earth town is island near locatiuon.]

Sundlin: Too bad, we left our armored motorcylces back in the future. How did people travel in tis time period?"

Erigan: Either by aircraft or a armored boat.

[Another Venusian appeared with long purple hair, pink eye and brown dress. She is driving an armor boat]

Natara: Ariella?

[The boat driver looked surpized at the name.]

Areilla: Who told your my name?

Natara: My mother.

Areilla: Oh, so you guys are fated to remove our wolf problem. They doing a lot of choas here.

=Act #2 – Scence #2=

[Sundlin, Uzax, Natara, Erigan, Voret, and Areilla enter the town. If it wasn't for the plant-based Venusians – it would confused for a town from Earth in the 1980s.]

Areilla: Lucky, you guys landed in the morning. The evil wolves are around in the night. This wolves are quiet different from regular Venusian wolves – they are talk like a Venusian – and hated all Venusians for some reason. I think they are aliens.

[The Korguna Seachers laugh.]

Areilla: I don't have a lot of space – my large family is hold up in my mansion. But I know of a friend – Prof. Oiralia.

=Act #2– Scence #3=

[The Korguna Seachers and Areilla enter to see a short, beard dark green Venusian working in beakers.]

Prof. Oiralia: Vant do you vant, Areilla?

Areilla: We found the fated five that we get rid of our wolf problem.

Prof. Oiralia: I vas talking to Gabaki, she said they is no volf problem.

Areilla: The wolves attacked the mall.

Prof. Oiralia: Gabaki was at the mall and she saw no volf at all.

Areilla: How much did Gabaki pay you to lie?

Prof. Oiralia: Nothing. They is no volf problem at all. But I vill allow these aliens to stay at my home for long as they vant.

Voret: Looks like we got our work cut out for us.

=Act 2 – Scence 4=

[Inside a close mall store, Gabaki and her three wolves.]


One of the Wolves: I said that the Korguna Searchers are in the past.

Gabaki: Go kill, Prof. Oiralia – and if any Korguna Searchers attack – kill them as well.

Another one of Wolves: Got you, Queen of Venus. Let's head there.

=ACT 3 – Scence #5=

[In the bed room of Prof, Olivara's lab – the Korguna Searchers are talking]

Erigan: How did you know that name of Areilla?

Natara: My mother told me about the wolf attack on Korguna.

Sundlin: Did you say Korguna?

Natara: Yes. That's why I joined you. She told me that Gabaki and her wolves are plotting to kill everyone in this time period.

Sundlin: If that she did– Venus will long dead even before ice age.

Natara: She's been sending her wolf to kill to Prof. Olivara soon.

Sundlin: Then we better get to the professer and make sure the wolves doesn't kill him. Then we try to get Gabaki's goat.

=ACT 2: END=