Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

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Halloween PDF - Part 2 - "Creature Busters"

The following is the series in the Halloween Special PDF — "Creature Buster"

Creature Busters' ''“Monsters, Critters and Ghoulies Beware”'

PC Creation Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all P Cs for the Creature Busters series.

Proof of Purchase Points: P Cs are created using 25 PoPPs. Maximum Trait Ratings (Regular Traits): 4 Maximum Trait Ratings (Action Features): 7 'Miscellaneous:
  • The characters must be members of Creature Busters Inc.
  • The characters must be normal (albeit highly trained) individuals.
  • The characters must have some Traits that would be helpful in hunting down monsters.
  • All characters begin the game with the following Trait, free of charge: Neutralizer 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory, Disadvantage (Only works against supernatural targets), Oomph-Powered]. The gadget whittles away the monster’s substance. When a monster is Defeated by this, it is sent to another dimension). It is used in conjunction with an aim-based Trait.


It was 1984 and a certain comedic movie was taking the world by storm, as was the catchy theme song. Given the film’s popularity, it was no wonder that just about everyone was scrambling to jump on the gravy train, so to speak. People thought they could cash in on the craze… almost all of them failed.

One such failure actually produced a really fun cartoon called Creature Busters. While no points could be given for originality, plenty could be given for entertainment value. The episodes were mostly well written and the characters displayed unique personalities. Animatuxx, the production company responsible for the show, clearly put a great deal of effort into it, but viewership was low right from the start.

It lasted only one season, after which it disappeared into the “canceled cartoon” void.

The Genre

Creature Busters was a horror cartoon set in modern times (i.e., 1984).

The Series

The series revolved around a small group of monster hunters called Creature Busters Inc. These highly trained individuals sought out all manner of supernatural foes in an attempt to rid the world of them. Each member carries a device called the Neutralizer. The device emits a beam of energy that sucks creatures into an alternate dimension. Little did they know that upon using these gadgets, they let loose an inter-dimensional being known as the Monster King. This vile being slipped into our world and can now travel between the various realities. He has decided that he wants to conquer our dimension and uses to uncanny ability to control monsters in order to obtain his goals.

The Player Characters

This series revolves around a very small group (between 3 and 5 is about right). As such, there’s no need to stat out preexisting heroes. This allows the characters created by the players to form the entirety of the group.

The Adversaries

Most, but not all, of the series’ villainy was caused by the Monster King. He usually brought different creatures into our world from other realities and attempted to take over the world. Monster King was the series’ only central villain. Each week, he would bring forth a different critter to sic on the world.

Below, you will find the Monster King’s game stats, as well as stats for a handful of the creatures that he used over the course of the show’s 40 episodes."

Monster King is akin to Prime Evil from "Filmation's Ghostbusters".

Lizard Beast is as CCM/BB call it — "a oversize T-Rex with a few Godzilla features added in."

Wolfman is a easy target for Monster King's mind manipulation.

Count Dracula doen't mean any intro to the TV Tropes people — even if they hate horror — like me.

Frankenstien's Monster is another famous horror creature. And that's goes double for "The Mummy".

Slimy Ghost brings the first "Ghost Busters" movie into the series as he's askin to Slimer."

Goblin Master was conned by Monster King into trying to overun Earth with his king.

That's the end of the PDF. Since I feel like this is more akin to "Filmation's GhostBusters" then "The Real GhostBusters, I'm going with 3 characters to stat up.