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Color Printer and The Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Fire Red
Color Printer

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Part 0 - Exactly what I'm getting myself into
Greetings everyone! This is Color Printer and welcome to my Liveblog of Pokemon FireRed. But this isn't any ordinary playthrough! This is THE NUZLOCKE CHALLENGE!

Here are the stipulations of the challenge:

I am not doing any of the other optional rules listed for the sake of my sanity, but there may be a few...extra challenges along the way. (Also, I'm just gonna say this: if I white out, it's not an instant game over.....unless those were my last Pokemon. Then I'm screwed.)

So as you can see, this run is going to be a fun one. Prepare for laughs, tears, and massive losses of sanity.

It's time. So let's play Pokemon FireRed...Nuzlocke-style.
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