Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 5: Father and Son

We're at Saturn now, cool. Monologe musing on the nature of humanity, parents taking kids for granted.


Back to the Titans, they're analyzing the footage of the fights. Naturally, the red one is focused on, they're trying to figure out how to counter it. Cute.

They're having a shortage of Mobile Suits.. and yet they continue the search. Oh hey, Bask is leaving. Heading back to base. Of course, he's leaving his right hand man behind. I'm considering the sort of person Bask would have as his number 2, and I don't like it.

"Show no mercy" Not the words you want to hear from Bask.

Back with the good guys, they're expecting an attack. They know that the Titans are going to follow them. So they're not going to return to base. Clever.

Meanwhile, the Gundams are being repainted and worked on.

...Kamille's dad is threatening a tech, wanting to look at the Rick Dias.

Wanna bet he's evil?

Oh yeah, he's going to steal it and run.

Hahahahaha he thinks Bask owes him a favor. That's cute. If he manages to get back, Bask will probably thank him with a bullet to the head. Then he shoves the poor hostage off into space. Jerk.

Well, he's now hijacking the Rick Dias... and Quattro's leaving. He has a plan?

Well Dad, good job. Now Quattro in a Gundam's gunna kill you.

More Red Comet talk. I wonder who he could be?

OK... so Kamille's not mad at his dad for betraying them and giving MS tech to the evvvviilll Titans. But because he cheated on his wife. OK. He dashes off.

Back to the Titans! Number 2 orders them to prepare

Jerid gets in a Zaku. I hope he dies this time.

Dad is wondering where the Titans ship is, and then gets fired upo, and grabbed by Quattro... and the Titans attack... blowing away a Gundams leg. Great.

...Dad is imagining his girlfriend.

The Captain draws the Titans attention, however they can't fight back yet. Bask is still being transfered between two ships!

Kamille BS's his way into a Gundam. Hahaha. Off he goes, in a one armed Gundam to fight his dad. That's awesome.

The Titans are losing this ship fight, and Bask's transfer pod is knocked lose. Hooray.

Gundam, launch! Here's Kamille's true test of skill... let's do this!

"Kamille! Keep your cool when fighting." Hahahaha I doubt it.

Kamille makes it to the fight... spotting his dad. Let's start this, with a grapple! As Kamille tells Dad exactly how much he sucks.

"Are you going to fire on your own father?" Hopefully.

Dad thinks he's a good father, how cute. He keeps on firing at Kamile, and missing.

And a stray shot gets him, but he gets out, just in tome for the suit to blow up, and likely kill him. And the Titans are ordered to retreat... Darn Jerid didn't even get shot. Kamille shoots at the Titans in anger, and then Quattro calms him down.

of course, the Titans are still in hot pursuit...

The A.E.U.G is heading to Earth!

...Kamille is sad because his worthless dad died. Oh hey, Emma. Nice outfit.

Quattro isn't stupid, and is being cautious about Emma. Interestingly, not because he doubts her personally. But because he thinks that her parents could be held hostage. He points out how crazy evil the Titans are.

It seems Kamille had issues with his parents. His dad was a cheating jerk, and her mom was a totall workaholic that she didn't notice anything.

Quattro gives him a bit of peptalk...oh snap. He's talking about Char. He says that Kamille would listen to him... talking about how he's like Kamille. However, Kamille still is angry and doesn't listen, and runs off.

Yeah, he's still a kid and screwing up a bit.

And the episode ends with Kamille crying on his bed. Such a happy upbeat show.

Next Episode: They reach Earth!

Well, this episode basically existed to pile suffering onto Kamille.

Slap Count: 4

Punch Count: 6


This episode? I think you mean this series.
SKJAM 25th Mar 11
This series was pretty much created to find new ways to torture Kamille.
gentlemanorcus 22nd Apr 11