So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X

Back on Track

Since my last update, long, long, long ago, I haven't done all too much. Since I also have little idea of what's going on or if I am at a high enough level to advance without dying miserably, I'm going to brashly move forward!

Apparently I've got to go to some place called "The Forest of the Dead" which seems strangely familiar. The first level is "Ghostly Whisper" and I'm really hoping it's not hard. Though I couldn't have entirely forgotten how to play Disgaea, right? ...right?

Cutscene! The party's all wondering if that Kurtis with a K guy from way back when wrote the challenge that I'm going to or whatever. Kurtis, as I think we should already know, if the other defender of Earth and kind of a douche. But who cares, there's a battle!!

The enemies, well, I'm not sure if they're particularly tough or not. I think Socrates can wipe the floor with them, though. She was level 60 or something, right?

I check. Level 74, actually. Yeah, this should be fine.

I bring out Laharl and Plato to round out my team, and as kind of expected, they can't do too much. Plato the ninja is pretty good at not taking damage, though. Laharl, on the other hand, is most certainly not. He dies a sad death.

I eventually bring in Don Quixote my knight, and the battle ends pretty soon after that. Methinks I should buy some better equipment, though...

"Rising Fear" is the next place I have to go to. Hopefully it's more of the same.

Cutscene thing! With voices!! It seems that Kurtis is here, and he attacks Gordon but is intercepted by the valiance of Thursday. Turns out that this guy isn't Kurtis but is actually Don Joaquin, who long long ago was the Defender of Earth. The first one in fact. However, I doubt he'll be much of a match for Don Quixote, slayer of windmills. However, he runs off or something. Damnit.

It's decided that this old guy is just a restless spirit who wants to defeat the Overlord to retain his honour as the Defender of Earth, so guess who decides they should let him win? It's Flonne, if you were having trouble there.

Stage Start!

This time the enemies are pretty spread out, but they're tougher than last time. I send out the strongest three, as usual. Don Quixote does rather pitifully her,e though, and dies on the enemies' first turn. However, through the cunning use of Gordon, Thursday and Jennifer, I actually manage to pull through. It also helped that the enemy casters used their best spells first and later on were stuck with hitting me ineffectually with their staves.

Now for "Crawling Terror" and I must say these are interesting place names. Lovely destination for a picnic or something. I mainly hope my characters can actually get through all this, hence my paranoid saving all the time.

Cutscene once more! Well, Thurday's breaking down, it looks like. If he fights anymore, ehs' kinda screwed. I guess that means I can't pull what I did last time? Well, it's good that I bought new equipment then.

This level has those annoying flying enemies that do poison damage. Luckily with the Geo Panels I've got an excellent idea. Who needs healing when the panels do that for me? I have Socrates tank through the enemies, then have Don Quixote or Plato toss her onto the panels the enemies were on to heal. It's tedious, but it works!

Saving, and on to the next one, "Hero's Tomb" which kinda sounds like the last level in this set. Yet another cutscene, and there's that Old Guy again, so my hopes are up.

The Old Guy summons friends, which oddly happen to be zombies. Yay?

This level is fun. There are blue tiles everywhere, and they give Enemy Boost x6! I'm so lovingly screwed! At least I know this is the last level...

I decide to sneak my three best characters over to the Geo Symbols, but I'm guessing that there may be some casualties. I'm proven terrible right when Don Quixote dies. Aaaaand holy crap, both Socrates and Plato die on the same turn, both to one-shot-kills. I make the smart decision of quitting.

My first act is to request weaker enemies. That request is sensibly granted. Then, I request more expensive stuff, and that, too, is granted. Then I realize I made a mistake and request stronger enemies. It's powerleveling time! That fails so I just give up and reload my save. I'm cheap like that.

This is taking a little long, so I'm going to end this update here. Once I'm back, hopefully in the next couple of days, I'll be ready to take on the last level properly.