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My Rumia shouldn't be this strong!

Mini-update time! I've realized that there's absolutely no reason for me to group things at all. I've gotten used to this whole mega-post paradigm, but if I have a reason to abandon it why shouldn't I? Actually, I can think of several reasons why I shouldn't, mostly in relation to how the last post went, but for now I'll experiment with this.

So, this time I did a sidequest. I chose Rumia for 3 stars, because the other two were generic looking. Her location is the mountain lake, ie: the forest where we fought Aya. Double checking my dictionary... apparently this is the sea of trees. Damn you poetic Japanese, confusing those of us with minimal kanji knowledge. You expect me to see "ocean" and think "forest" instead of a body of water?

The enemies in the forest are not updated for this sidequest, so mostly I just ran away from them since it's a waste of time to fight. While I was running around looking for Rumia's room, I found an unopening treasure, which I shall take as evidence that they stick around after the quest is over. Strictly speaking, this is no proof at all, but since the enemies didn't change... A fact which, again, is entirely irrelevant to proving this one or another. Either way I opened it, and got some sort of crafting material. Which is basically what 90% of boxes contain, but that's mostly a good thing.

Rumia was not detectable by my patented Nakama Sensor, presumably because she doesn't join my party. However, she has a different field sprite. The fairy seems generic (although the other enemies in the area are fluff balls), but the magic circle certainly isn't. So sidequest mini-bosses will be clearly labeled. Good to know.

Rumia herself is a simple fight. Even Cirno survived! While she has a decent amount of HP, all she does is spam weak dark elemental attacks and blind. The land gauge was stuck way over in light because of Reimu's attacks, so the darkness was significantly weakened. Blind is theoretically annoying, but Reimu's AOE heals also cure status effects. So Rumia is defeated on the first attempt without even really trying.

She drops a crafting material, an Orihalcon fragment. Which I find somewhat odd because Orihalcon is normally a material on its own, and the quest listed the reward as just plain "fragment". She also drops a new formation though, called Shadow Gardener. Which terrifies me because it implies rewards other than the ones listed. It's a 4 person formation though, so it should be mostly irrelevant.

Back at the quest board, the other sidequests have disappeared and Rumia's quest was not added to the completed quest list. Very interesting. Well, it is if you're me, I'd imagine it's the opposite of interesting to other kinds of people. Next stop, Reisen.


I suspect the disappearing quests are randomly generated repeatables, to help speed up farming/grinding
Hylarn 5th Jan 11
Experience-wise they're worthless because the enemies aren't leveled up to endgame level. Item-wise, possibly.
Clarste 5th Jan 11
That title is kind of brilliant in a stupid way.

Which I guess is a good thing!
Fawriel 8th Jan 11