Let's Play a random Touhou fan RPG!


Stage 18 pictures

Lastly, Dungeon images. This stage has been divided into three posts because it's three times as long, honestly.

This is basically a corridor with water. Look well preserved I guess. This is the second level looking down. This party can never reach the bottom floor. This is team B's starting room, quite relaxing with the pool. The teleporter takes us to the pre-boss room, but it's not on yet.

This is an underwater section and a floating crystal. I didn't know what to make of it so I took a picture. This is me controlling team B and looking at team A standing on a switch. This is immediately before the boss. Mokou's already standing inside the door waiting for everyone else to get in position so the cutscene can start.

There are a ton of enemies in this stage. I gave up taking pictures halfway through, because they were killing me and I already had a ton of pictures. It does amuse me that I had exactly enough for that one sentence though. I did not have to stage that, it just happened as I was typing it.

This is a preview of the next area, which I had to run through to turn on the teleporter. Lots of doofy ghosts.

Here's the whole gallery, although it's not much more than I posted. I have more than 200 pictures on my computer though, despite the many times I forgot to take them.