Let's Play a random Touhou fan RPG!


Pre-stage 16

Hmm, big important-seeming cutscene happens right when I enter the next area, so I'm gonna cover it now before I forget the details. I again failed to screen capture the "black something" kanji, which seems a lot more plot-important than I had originally thought, so if it ever appears again I'm just gonna pause and actually go all out looking it up in the dictionary.

The next area is the Genbu Creek which is somehow in the middle of the Forest of Magic. Marisa and Alice seem somewhat shocked that there's been something like this under their noses all along. It's somehow connected to the Youkai Mountain's creek, which worries Nitori. Mokou acts as a foil for her to explain stuff to. Aya wonders who we'll find here.

Byakuren, being on top of things, picks up on something Genjii said last stage and uses that as a launching point for what seems to me is a really dense explanation. That's just cause I fail at kanji. It must be a great explanation though, because Sakuya says "ah, so that's the truth" and Satori confirms it from having read Genjii's mind. Marisa can't quite believe it, but... Anyway, we decide to head forward.

Now for the important part. Cut to the Gorgon's Lair. These are the people I mentioned at the end of stage 14, although I guess the person I thought was a Snake Person actually does have legs. They talk for a bit about how important the Genbu Creek is to their plans, and then Genjii arrives and reports his failure. He's now a much smaller turtle, so I guess he was being buffed by her magic. Now you've done it, you meddling Hakurei Miko. But however far she gets, it's something to look forward too, right?

At this point a servant shouts their names from offscreen and I fail to get a screenshot, of course. From left to right, they're Biotopos and Anastasis, or something like that. Anyway, the herald is announcing the arrival of Lithos, who was out on an errand. Well, Lithos Medusa Gorgon is her full name, but again the dialog box was eaten. This is getting annoying. Lithos call the other two "nee-san" which means older sister, so I guess she's younger than them, but in Japanese doesn't necessarily mean they're related.

Bio teases Lithos about how she's worried about how cute little Lithos-chan might get seduced by a man like Zeus, but Lithos angrily-embarrassed wants her to stop worrying about that. Baka was said. Bio admits that she was wrong to worry about that, because Lithos lacks a certain "something", cuing more reaction.

She calms down fast though, when "Sis-nee-san" says something. I assume that's short for Anastasis, but it still sounds funny in English. It's at this point I notice a "third eye" theme for these people, Bio has one on her hat, Sis has one drawn on her forehead, and Lithos actually has one. Anyway, Lithos takes the throne in the center, marking her as the leader, and switches into serious mode, ominously talking about how the "Three Gorgon Sisters" will inevitably have free reign over Gensokyo, marked by being able to eat whoever they want. I guess they want to subvert the stable equilibrium between humans and youkai, or something like that. Cue pose.