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I don't buy armor because the stuff in boxes works fine. Unlike weapons, armor is generic (although divided into heavy, medium, and light) so I don't feel like using my precious resources on it because it doesn't unlock better specialties. I have bought armor once, but then it turned out that only Mokou could equip it. Despite the fundamental genericness, crafted armor is unique to each character. They probably have cool effects too, that I'm completely ignoring. The wiki's armor section is completely blank.

Now that I'm motivated, I'm gonna translate the Japanese wiki and say what everyone's special armor does. The values of the bonuses go up with armor level, so resistances become immunities and percentage bonuses increase.

Reimu: Light resistance, extra bombs, extra lives

Marisa: Silence resistance, extra bombs

Sanae: Death/Removal from battle resistance, extra bombs, extra lives

Aya: Stun resistance, extra bombs

Sakuya: Consecutive hit chance up, bombs + lives

Patchouli: Magic reflect chance (?!), bombs

Nitori: Blind resistance, Perfect Dodge chance, Chaser power up

Alice: Paralyze resistance, bombs + lives

Satori: Confusion resist, Induction up, bombs

Youmu: Physical strikeback (?), counter chance, bombs

Mokou: Bless damage reduction (?), bombs + lives

Byakuren: Petrify resist, magic wall (?), bombs

Some of them are pretty boring, but a lot of them seem to be introducing new mechanics entirely. Maybe I should be paying attention to armor... Gonna look at shields next, just in case.