Let's Play a random Touhou fan RPG!


Picture time!

I just had the bizarre realization that it's possible for me to post screenshots. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before. I guess I'm not really a picture kind of person.

Here's the title screen. That's also the art style for the cut in images for the Last Words, which I was too lazy to wait for.

The file select screen. The empty ones say "from the beginning". Yes, that's my current level from a few stages ahead, and yes I've been playing for 37 hours although I've left it running a few times.

Here's the world map. Not much of interest. Alice is the field character because she's in the first battle slot. This is the edge of it along with the entrance to the Netherworld, and this is one of those floating banners I've mentioned a few times. We're going back to the Forest of Magic next.

This is the menu screen, home of my greatest defeats and greatest successes. Come to think of it, I have no idea what the stuff in the top right means. The flag is Reimu and my something is something type. This is Youmu's status page and this is Byakuren's specialty page. You can also allocate points into base stats but I never do.

This is what battles look like, or at least the menu part. Note the emblem with the swords and all that. Most of Youmu's abilities are grayed out. This is Sanae attacking, although it's not the best moment to take a snapshot. Note Sakuya's ridiculously huge sword that she pulled out of nowhere. This is Sakuya casting a spellcard and the accompanying border stuff. I think she stole that pose from Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure. Finally, this is the post-battle experience screen. I'm getting small amounts because I'm much too high level for this area.

Speaking of which, in case you were wondering those battles were set in the Netherworld. This is the upper heavenly level while this is the lower level. Lastly, this is the entrance to Eientei with the stage introduction and music still on the screen. The floating book separates my party and the blue thing is a teleporter to the next area.

I'm guessing the next posts will include screenshots to set the stage. But maybe not.

Oh, and I just realized that I have access to an enemy list on my menu. I can open up the Bunbunmaru and it's got enemy and item lists and stuff. Yeah, that's basically how much I know about this game. So I'm gonna show you all the old bosses. I suppose you could also interpret their stats and tell me how much of an idiot I was when I fought them.

Meiling does have a name!

Sakuya and Patchouli

Remilia and Nitori


Orin and Okuu (that's how they write her name here)


Youmu and Yuyuko


Medicine and Yuuka

Finally: Tewi and Udonge, I mean Reisen. Again, that's how she's listed.