Ithilion The Brave tests his courage! Let's Play Fatal Frame!

Ithilion The Brave

Part 7


And here's the tape picked up at the end of the video. It's separate due to some frustrations I had with tacking it on to the next video.

And now for the files, while a cat sleeps on my desk and another occupies my lap. I feel popular.

Black Notebook Scrap Novelist Takamine's Notes 5 - Holy Mirror, mystery of the mansion

"September 14th, 8:00 pm In the materials Tomoe gathered for me, there's a paragraph about five pieces of mirror passed down through the Himuro family for generations. These pieces were said to seal off the Hell Gate and protect the region from a great disaster. They might have something to do with the current hellish situation.

Five Holy Mirrors in shrines around the area all broke in a small earthquake the other day. When I heard about it, it gave me the idea for this next work of mine. I think I brought a news article about it with me when I came here. It says there were only five Holy Mirrors in existence.

But according to some legends, there is another - - the True Holy Mirror. The folklorist also mentions this in his research documents, the ones I found in the mansion. (I think I dropped the research documents somewhere when I was trying to escape that cursed woman.)

Here are my theories. I think that the five mirrors that were destroyed in the earthquake the other day had the role of 'watching over' the True Holy Mirror. I don't think it was the earthquake that broke the five Holy Mirrors in the shrines.

I think it was a signal that the seal on the Hell Gate that the Himuro True Holy Mirror provides provides  * had broken for some reason. The five mirrors were trying to warn us."

Or the only file, rather.