Ithilion The Brave tests his courage! Let's Play Fatal Frame!

Ithilion The Brave

Welcome to Himuro Mansion

Part 2 is up and features my first, and probably rather clumsy, attempt at subtitling. Not sure if I'll do it for the rest of the videos.

And now the files.

Research Notes Editor Ogata's Notes 4 - Looks like delirious nonsense

"September 12th

Now there's another rope!

And another rope...!"

Mafuyu's Notebook Mafuyu's notes 1 - Himuro Mansion and the missing novelist

"Himuro Mansion Investigation

Himuro Mansion was once the home of a large landowner that controlled vast areas of land. They also say that the site held some special significance that had to do with Shinto rituals of the region. (I couldn't find any detailed books about these Shinto rituals, though.)

The last master of the Himuro family line massacred his entire household. later, another family that tried to live there disappeared. Because of incidents like these, nobody visits the mansion today, and it lies in ruins.

Maybe that's why there aren't any accounts of the Shinto rituals, and why the exact location of the place isn't recorded anywhere.

September 24th

I've had a bad feeling ever since I came to this mansion. I'm leaving notes in this notebook just in case anything happens to me. I've got to find Mr. Takamine and the others fast... I hope it's not too late!"

News Clipping Clipping from a Local Newspaper "Dead Body found on Mountain."

"Late yesterday, a human body with no limbs was found in Himuro Mountain, located in the southern region of the prefecture. The body's hands, feet, and head were all torn off. The police is investigating the case as both a murder and accident.

The body has not been identified, but it is believed to be a man around the age of 30. The police is also taking into consideration the fact that a body, mutilated in the same manner, was found in the same location 15 years ago."


"About Power-ups

You can acquire Mystical Power by damaging ghosts. Select "Camera" from the Menu Screen (Triangle Button) to access the Power-up Screen. You can unlock the seal on the camera with the accumulated Mystical Power, and power up.

About Auxiliary Functions When you unlock Auxiliary Functions Seal, you enable many special attacks. To use the enabled Auxiliary Function, press the L1 while in a shooting stance. The number of Auxiliary Functions you can use is limited to the number of Spirit Stones in your inventory, so be frugal."