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Our party is swamped!

So now, I can use Claves, Falsetto, and Jazz.

  • Lv. 18
  • Age: 24
  • 5038 HP
  • ATK: 75
  • DEF: 82
  • MAG: 43
  • SPD: 76

She currently wields an Espada Rapier (ATK +20, Dark +35) and wears Charmed Scales (DEF +35). That "Dark" means that it does more damage to light creatures.

For Light Special Moves, she has Unicorn Horn, a healing move with a range of 25' which executes in 2.2 seconds, but which cannot be used on herself, and Feather Spin, a 2-hit attack that hits the target and any enemies behind, and executes in 1.8 seconds.

For Dark Special Moves, she only has Eagle Wing, the Dark version of Feather Spin.

  • Lv. 18
  • Age: 22
  • 5521 HP
  • ATK: 127
  • DEF: 89
  • MAG: 61
  • SPD: 87

She wields a Brass Knuckle (ATK +44) and wears a Cloth Dress (DEF +30).

For Light Special Attacks, she only has Snow Claw, a 9-hit close-combat attack with medium knockback with executes in 3.8 seconds.

For Dark Special Attacks, she only has Willow Strike, a 3-hit attack with a kick that creates a horizontal shock wave, and which executes in 2.1 seconds.

  • Lv. 19
  • Age: 27
  • 7378 HP
  • ATK: 158
  • DEF: 122
  • MAG: 63
  • SPD: 50

He wields a Broad Sword (ATK +60) and wears Mammoth Armor (DEF +45).

For Light Special Attacks, he only has Heat Blade, a 7-hit attack with weak knockback which executes in 3.6 seconds.

For Dark Special Attacks, he only has Magma Pillar, an attack with a radius of 20', and which executes in 1.7 seconds.

My current plan is to keep both Viola and Claves in the party no matter what, and put one of the available party members with the lowest level in the remaining slot. Right now, I have them Viola, Falsetto, Claves.

As soon as I cross the bridge, our party encounters shallow water. Claves seems reluctant, because it's not like the entire party fell into a river or anything, oh no. Falsetto asks if there's a problem. Claves stammers a no, but says it's filthy. Falsetto says they can't get to the hideout without going through there.

Claves knows. Viola visibly silences, enters the water herself, and urges them to go, as well.

The fish are Blue Gils, and the scorpions are Rare Metal Pickers. They are the Light and Dark versions of each other.

  • Lv. 23
  • 7067 HP
  • ATK: 132
  • DEF: 100
  • MAG: 56
  • SPD: 84

Along the way, I get some Fish Incense. It "smells like a dead fish that has been lying around in the sun." I bet you can smell it already. Anyway, it's a single-target defense debuff.

  • Lv. 19
  • 5826 HP
  • ATK: 131
  • DEF: 92
  • MAG: 64
  • SPD: 91

  • Lv. 19
  • 5324 HP
  • ATK: 78
  • DEF: 85
  • MAG: 45
  • SPD: 80

I find the Swallow Shooter (ATK +59; Increase movement speed in battle) and equip it to Viola.

Then I enter the east side.

I find a Falchion (ATK +73) which I equip to Jazz.

  • Lv. 23
  • 7421 HP
  • ATK: 155
  • DEF: 103
  • MAG: 59
  • SPD: 88

  • Lv. 20
  • 6138 HP
  • ATK: 135
  • DEF: 95
  • MAG: 67
  • SPD: 95

She gains the Dark Special Attack Night Fist. It's a 2-hit attack that hits the target and any enemies behind it, and executes in 1.6 seconds.

  • Lv. 20
  • 5619 HP
  • ATK: 81
  • DEF: 88
  • MAG: 48
  • SPD: 84

I set Night Fist to the first Dark slot, then swap Jazz in and reorganize. Jazz is very low in SPD, if you couldn't tell.

  • Lv. 20
  • 7771 HP
  • ATK: 176
  • DEF: 126
  • MAG: 66
  • SPD: 53

I go back and get Mammoth Armor. Jazz already has a set, but it's better than what Allegretto has equipped, so I equip it to him.

Somewhere in a dead end is a Blue Gil that's not attacking, and uses the "near death" appearance of the enemy. We'll be back for it.

Near the end of Adagio, I save at a save point, but continue on.

Cantabile Inn

This area uses the Field No. 10 music, "A Relaxing Place" again. You may remember it from the Path to Tenuto.

Viola is really worn out. Falsetto points out the inn, which they told them about. They'd only been there once before, a long time ago. Falsetto is glad to see it's still here. (If I'd gone all-Andantino, I'd be gladder it's here.) Alegretto suggests staying there for the night. Jazz says they'll set out tomorrow morning.

Back at Forte Castle, Legato reports that the Cabasa Bridge fell, taking Tuba and the others with it. Waltz calls Tuba a useless fool for having taken both his own life and that of "the" guardian of Agogo Forest. (Thankfully, he seems unaware of her twin.) Legato wonders what they'll do. Waltz figures all they have to do is find the glowing agogos. This proves to him how worthless Tuba was. He feels more sorry for the bridge for having to support Tuba's weight.

It's nighttime. Viola really likes the feel of the Cantabile Inn area. It has the smell of home, too. Jazz asks about her goats. Viola is sure they'll be completely fine. When she left them, they weren't fenced in, and she figures they're pretty smart. Jazz is sure they are, but jokes that even as smart as they may be, they'd never guess the reason their master has been gone so long. Viola guesses he's right.

They spot Allegretto on the dock. Jazz asks him if he's out for some air, too, as it's nice and cool at night. Viola asks what's bothering him, and guesses that it's Polka he's thinking about. When he doesn't answer, she asks again. Finally, Allegretto says he's been thinking about something for a while. He thinks the people who attacked them thought they were part of Andantino.

Flashback to the initial confrontation.

Viola thinks Allegretto has a point. She doesn't think Waltz would give orders to kill ordinary citizens who just came to visit him. Allegretto thinks Tuba said some things that indicate that they were looking out for a specific group, and thought they had arrived. Viola tells Jazz he might have an information leak.

Allegretto agrees that there might be a spy in his group. Jazz says that Claves and Falsetto were the only ones who knew about that mission.

The next day, you're in a room at the inn. You can have Allegretto examine a mirror to have him wonder what day it is. I exit, then enter the right room and examine the plant by the bed for a Meat Hook (ATK +50), which I equip to Falsetto.

Outside, I snag 45 G from a wheelbarrow and find a Score Piece in a boat. I backtrack a bit, then save at the Save Point and quit.

Next Time: Poisoned!