Take a powder, and Let's Liveblog Eternal Sonata!


Escape from Fort Fermata!

The creature here is the Killer Knight. At my stats, nothing to be too concerned about. His defeat grants me the Fort Fermata Key and a Lace Veil.

Our Party Level goes up to 3! What that does:

  • Now I can set four Special Attacks, two for each light level. If I want to use the second attack instead of the first, I hold down the button until it changes. Still, I'll want to put the one I usually want to go first into the first slot.
  • The Item Set has a capacity of 20 slots.
  • The Action Gauge is reduced to 4 seconds.
  • The Tactical Time is reduced to three seconds.

Polka doesn't think it's much of a fort. Allegretto says they're more worried about Baroque invading, and have probably pulled out the troops. Frederic notices that war remains even with the passing of time. Allegretto tells of a rumor that Baroque is supporting Andantino. It would be a way to shake things up in Forte without getting too involved. Frederic doesn't know who that is, so Viola explains that they're an underground group trying to start a revolution in Forte. Polka is concerned about the destruction it would cause. Beat thinks it might improve people's lives a little, but Allegretto says it isn't that simple, considering everyone involved. Ordinary people have no way to tell who's right. Frederic imagines they all have their own agendas. Beat thinks there has to be a "good guy" among them. Allegretto doesn't know. They might all be evil in their own way, or all right. Polka wonders how to know who's justice is right.

Elsewhere, a man asks two women if they understand. The one with the purple hair needs it repeated. (She's really cute, by the way.) The other one asks her why she needs things repeated. The purple-haired woman, now identified as Claves, claims she just wants to make sure she gets it right. Jazz is willing to repeat it, if it's all right with Falsetto. She reluctantly agrees to let Jazz exposit for us. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to rescue the guardian of the Agogo Forest from the Forte Castle dungeon. They'll get in at dawn. Claves wonders what they'll do about the guards at the castle gate. Falsetto explains that they'll use a passage that goes between there and Hanon Hills. Jazz figures it won't be that difficult; they just have to get the guardian back. Claves wonders why they're doing it. Jazz explains that Waltz is looking for glowing agogos, and that his man Fugue was seen in the forest. So, it makes sense that they would want to make the guardian tell them about them. Claves doesn't know why Waltz wants them. Falsetto jokes about them being good in soup, Jazz scolds her for not taking things seriously, and thinks her jokes might jeopardize their missions. He then explains about agogos increasing the efficacy of mineral powder, and that if Waltz has glowing ones, he'll have an unlimited supply of mindless soldiers. Falsetto essentially rephrases. Claves thinks he'll use them against Andantino, but Falsetto doubts it, as she surmises that he sees Baroque as more of a threat. Jazz decides it's time to get to work.

Time for me to get moving again. There's a chest by the door, and it contains a Score Piece. I leave Fort Fermata and enter a lovely place known as...

Hanon Hills

(Field NO. 17, "Conduct the Breeze")

I save at the Save Point, and move on. There's a pointless divergence off to the left, but the next one has an Earth ______ guarding a chest with an Angel Trumpet in it.

Because I forgot to before, I set secondary Special Attacks now. Viola doesn't have a second Dark attack yet, though.

The Lace Veil, by the way, increases HP by 5%. I set it to Polka.

There's an area off to the right where a breeze comes from a crack in a rock with circular markings. No point to it yet, but we'll be back.

Eternal Greens are pallette swaps of Angel Goats, but you can ambush them. They have Rule of Six Hundred.

I happen upon a wagon being menaced by an Earth Shaker, but the two Earth Shakers and the Eternal Green (whom I learn has Feather Drop, as well) are no match.

The item merchant thanks us, and says he's a merchant. I buy a Bat Umbrella (ATK +26, DEF +1), Fancy Clothes (DEF +24, and increases TT), and a Coachman's Coat (DEF +28). We can rest in his wagon, but nobody needs it. I save at the Save Point that appeared when I regained control. The next divergence leads to an Odd Chocolate.

Up on a hill, we meet a man on a journey. He's thirsty, so we give him Goat's Milk. In exchange, he gives us a Piggy Bank.

  • Lv. 19
  • 5980 HP
  • ATK: 109
  • DEF: 93
  • MAG: 85
  • SPD: 66

I replace him with Frederic.

The next divergence leads to Club Clover.

  • Lv. 19
  • 5784 HP
  • ATK: 120
  • DEF: 80
  • MAG: 47
  • SPD: 72

I swap Polka in.

  • Lv. 19
  • 5532 HP
  • ATK: 86
  • DEF: 82
  • MAG: 47
  • SPD: 65

There's a divergence that leads to a chest with a Lace Veil.

Eventually, we arrive at Forte City.

Allegretto notes the lateness of the hour, and Polka figures the public audiences would be long over. Allegretto says they can find an inn.

I save at the Save Point.

Next Time: Trouble Cliff!