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New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot
Ranger Six

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Commander's Logs - October 30th, 2040 through November 1st, 2040
October 30, 2040

A double dose of research and development today - the science team delivered designs for both a new submarine and a new submersible weapons system.

The submarine has been codenamed "Manta", and the SWS - which can be equipped with a Sonic Oscillator - has been codenamed "Displacer".

The Displacer SWS will be of great value in combat, but the Manta looks to be of better value as a stepping-stone to further development.

October 31, 2040

Happy Halloween, X-Com. Have a pleased funding committee and a decent increase in funding - and reports from the Molecular Control Labs.

Looks like some people will, unfortunately, have to remain at base when we're organizing missions against aliens with Molecular Control abilities.

November 1, 2040

Redback Base has receved a distress call from the Steve Irwin, an Australasian Conglomerate cargo vessel.

Triton-Two has been dispatched to deal with the Alien terrorists.
22nd Jan '11 9:49:38 AM flag for mods
They attacked the Steve Irwin? Those bastards! Make 'em pay!
TriggerLoaded 22nd Jan 11
Oh, we will may them pay. WE'LL MAKE THEM PAY IN BLOOD!

(And, if all goes according to plan, you'll see just how we made them pay come the morrow.)
RangerSix 23rd Jan 11
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