New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Log - October 21st, 2040

Another report came in from the science team today - they've figured out how to replicate the methods the Aliens use to create their craft, and are working on developing a new interceptor based on Alien submarine technology.

In other news, a small Alien sub was caught stooging around Redback Base - Barracuda-Four downed it with a blast from its sonic oscillators.

I'll be dispatching a team from Redback Base to recover the submarine; joining the team for this mission will be Walter Harriman, Crystal Myers, Orski Zbrigniev, Gordon Freeman, Barney Calhoun, and Winifred Bambera.

. . . I'll need to have Dr Belacqua's people manufacture some more armor for the garrison team at Redback. They're going to need it.


A two-purpose post.

1: To let you know that yes, I am reading this.

2: To remind me of where I left off the next time you update.
TriggerLoaded 9th Jan 11
Yeah, I've been meaning to update this for some time, but with the way my work schedule (and the weather - WHY HELLO THERE ICE STORM THANKS FOR VISITING AND PLAYING MERRY HELL WITH THE ELECTRICITY YOU BASTARD) has been lately . . . it's been difficult, to say the least.

If all goes according to plan, though, I should be able to start working through the backlog either tomorrow or Monday.
RangerSix 22nd Jan 11