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New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot
Ranger Six

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Commander's Log - October 19th, 2040
More good news from the research teams.

With the information gathered from the Tasoth we interrogated earlier this month - and their recently-acquired knowledge of the workings of the Molecular Control Reader - they were able to design a new facility.

Dubbed the "Transmission Resolver", it's roughly analogous to the Hyperwave Decoder of the First Alien War, allowing us to intercept and decode the orders being sent from Echo's bases to his submarine fleets, thus giving us an idea of what Echo's up to in our seas at any given time.

I've ordered that one of these facilities be constructed at each of our extant bases.


Augustica Base picked up a small Alien sub in Africa Corp waters. Barracuda-One was dispatched to intercept it, and they downed the enemy vessel shortly thereafter.

Triton-One will head out to recover the wreckage.
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