New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Logs - May 4th, 2040 to May 25th, 2040

May 4, 2040

The science team at Augustica Base has been working around the clock to figure out how the engines for the Alien subs work, and they've finally delivered their report. Other research will be needed before we can develop our own counter to the alien vessels, but I have a project for them that is of slightly higher priority - namely, developing better armor for the soldiers in the field.

They tell me they might be able to find a way to use the Aqua Plastics and the information from the Deep One autopsy to develop a lightweight diving suit with better protective capabilities than the current standard-issue suits (which are about as effective against alien weapons as the kevlar body armor of the First Alien War was).

May 6, 2040

You see this? This is Plastic Aqua Armour, a personal protection system developed by the science team here at Augustica Base. It serves the same purpose as the Personal Armour of the First Alien War; however, it is much lighter and more resilient.

It should give our Aquanauts a greater chance of surviving combat with Alien forces.

May 10th, 2040

A small Alien sub was poking around the South Pacific, and I suspect it was looking for Redback Base.

I had the Barracuda stationed at Redback shadow the vessel, and ordered it to destroy the sub once it was far enough away to no longer be a threat - a task which Barracuda-Three performed admirably.

May 11, 2040

Our scientists have finished their interrogation of the live "Deep One" we captured in Aberdeen. It has proven most fruitful as we have learned that the mind-control techniques used by this new breed of Alien aggressors is, as we suspected, not the psionic control utilized in the First Alien War.

It shares some similarities, but it relies less on planting images in the target's mind and more on altering their brain chemistry by synthesizing various neurotransmitters and psychoactive substances within the target's bloodstream.

In light of this, the scientists have dubbed the techique "Molecular Control", and they say that they can produce a facility that will allow our own Aquanauts to utilize these Molecular Control techniques.

May 18, 2040

The scientists have delivered a new armor design, based on their interrogation of the live Deep One. It uses a miniature Ion-Beam Accelerator to cause one layer of Aqua Plastics to expand and contract, much like muscle tissue, while another layer of semi-rigid Aqua Plastics is used as a protective sheathing.

I've asked Dr. Belacqua to have his people begin producing the new "Ion Armor" for our troops in the field, as it is far more resilient than the Plastic Aqua Armor.

May 25, 2040

Neither the Aquatoid Soldier nor the Aquatoid Navigator captured on board the Chavez earlier this month were particularly forthcoming - all we learned from them was Liveblog/USPOedia-AquatoidStudy.png the history of the Aquatoid race.

Their companion, however - a Technician from the sub that attacked the Hugo Chavez - was rather more forthcoming, telling us about their Hunter-class submarines and the missions they're sent on . . . Liveblog/USOPedia-AlienSub-Hunter.png and what we've learned disgusts the entire staff here at Augustica Base.

The worst part of it was the positive delight the Technician expressed when he saw the interrogators' reactions to the details he provided.

Dear God . . . this new breed of Echo is fouler than the ones of the last war.