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Ranger Six

Commander's Log - April 6th, 2040

Commander's Log - April 6th, 2040

Location: Augustica Base

Research on the Gauss Rifle has been suspended for the time being; I have re-tasked the scientists, asking them to focus on the live aliens captured during the past few months, and we've got our first batch of results.

The interrogation of the alien officer captured earlier in the year - a Gill Man Squad Leader, to be precise - has yielded some interesting information.

It seems that these aliens are utilizing tactics akin to those used by the aggressors in the First Alien War, attempting to subvert the various governments and corporations that fund X-Com in order to turn them against us.

Also, the Gill Man as a species - according to the scientists at Augustica Base, they may be a previously-unknown branch of human evolution, one subverted by the current aggressors for their own purposes.

I have asked that they now study the captured terrorist assigned to the Gill Man terror squads - one which the aforementioned species seems to refer to as a "Deep One". Studying the unnatural resilience of this terrorist species might yield some valuable advances, ones that might serve to increase the survival rate of X-Com forces.

End log.