New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Log, January 15th 2040

Base sonar has picked up another Alien vessel, this one headed east towards Euro-Syndicate territory. Our Barracudas successfully intercepted and downed the Alien sub, and I've dispatched Triton-One to recover the downed vessel.

It seems we shall also need additional storage space to support the Coelecanth and its ammunition stocks, so I've ordered the construction of two more storage facilities within the base.

Once the old hangars have been dismantled, I shall also have containment facilities built to house captured Alien lifeforms for further study, as well as additional laboratories and workshops for our scientists and technicians to do the work necessary to keep X-Com viable.

Our construction teams report that they've almost finished the construction of the new Torpedo Defences, as well as two sets of Living Quarters for the personnel at Augustica Base.

The science team has also reported in, and they announced they've made good progress in adapting the Alien plasma tech from AW 1 to the conditions we are likely to experience in this new war.

However, the weapon tech they're working on - which they have dubbed "Gauss Technology" - is likely to be less powerful than the Plasma tech from the First Alien War. It will, however, be a significant step up from the weapons we currently have available, and our Chief Technician, Dr. Asriel Belacqua, reports that his teams are ready to put the science team's designs into production as soon as they are ready.

End log.