New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Log, January 10th, 2040 - Supplemental

Today's recovery mission went without a hitch. Although we don't have suitable containment facilities for the captured aliens, the world governments are pleased with the results of our first mission.

All told, we have seven alien corpses for the scientists to study, as well as several alien artifacts and an intact alien submarine, and both Kwas and Gwen Cooper have been promoted to Ensign.

I've done a little research, and I believe that the Alien plasma weapons of the First Alien War could be modified to work underwater. Since this would greatly enhance our ability to combat the Alien menace, I've assigned the project to our science team here at Augustica Base. While the Jet Harpoons currently in use are fairly useful against the aliens we've encountered thus far, the low capacity of their clips - a single pod only contains ten rounds - means that a protracted battle would likely deplete a combat team's ammunition rather quickly.

I do not expect all of our battles to go this smoothly, though. I have no doubt that we shall see casualties among X-Com forces before the month is out.

I've also taken the liberty of ordering a Coelecanth-class Submersible Weapons System, armed with a heavy Gas Cannon. This should provide us with some decent heavy support for both undersea and land missions.

End log.