Let's consolidate! Deja Vu and Retsuleer!

Shadow Dog


[The title is a reference to Top Gun's landing sequence.]

First off, I'd advise you not to read the Deja Vu article. It contains spoilers, and you aren't allowed to discuss spoilers in this Let's Play. You are allowed to discuss theories on what you think will happen, though. I will be playing the games in the Deja Vu trilogy tetralogy as a series of Let's Plays. Technically, the NES version (and Gameboy version of Deja Vu 2) shouldn't count, but for those of you who haven't seen it them, I want you to. After the NES game, I'll be playing the dualogy for realizies. This is because I want you guys to get a feeling of the series getting better with each installment, rather than worse, and the NES version lacks many things the PC version has. But that will be addressed in part 2. Finally, I'll play Deja Vu 2 for the Gameboy Color. Why? I don't know.

Now, do you guys want me to fly by this first part, or should it be a slow ride?

P.S. Every installment in this series will be emulated. That's because I have Windows 7, and these games were made for 16-bit Windows. And Microsoft dropped native 16-bit support. So I said screw it and broke out Virtual Box.


Go for detail. I want to experience playing the game without playing the game.

There were FOUR games made? I've played the GBC games, but never knew there were even more made for the computer. (And yes, I'll keep my trap shut about the spoilers.)
TriggerLoaded 15th Dec 10