Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 8: Robotnik Jr. Triggers The Aurora Borealis (Kind Of)

  • It looks like this episode will focus on Phil. If so, I think it should be pretty neat. I think he is my favorite character so far.

  • The episode starts out with Phil being in his secret hideout with his minions preparing some kind of contraption. It seems like it is some kind of shining thing that exploded. Yeah, at this point I do not really have any idea. Salt (the boy fairy) has swirly eyes as a result of the explosion though so I guess he is unable to battle.

  • When Robotnik Jr. tries to defend his experiment in front of Moe Sue and his friends, his lackeys do not offer him much support. Judging by their crestfallen facial expressions, I wonder if they are started to get annoyed with the kid.

  • Robotnik Jr. was trying to make an aurora like the aurora borealis. While I think it is pretty neat that it is possible to make a light like that artificially, I have no idea how to make one and frankly watching Phil and his minions try did not really help that cause much.

  • Sugar mistook the light in the artificial aurora for a "Twinkle". I wonder why her fairy friends keep going along with the moe fairy's antics anyway. I mean it seems to me that they know that the things she finds are not "Twinkles". I wonder if they only tag along to ensure that Sugar does not get into trouble.

  • Phil says that the problem with his previous experiment was the air pressure. Greta seems to think that is a bit out there. I do not know though. If anyone in the show knows about science, I would guess it would be Robotnik Jr.

  • Phil and his two lackeys make more things explode in the lab room. You know, I think that must be a pretty sophisticated elementary school to have chemistry lessons. Salt is caught in the explosion again. I think he probably should know by now to avoid Phil if he does not want to get hurt.

  • Salt brings up how aurora can only be made by season fairies. Well, even if those fairies do make them, people can make artificial snow, right? Yeah, I probably should not be comparing real life to this show at all.

  • Phil is pushing what looks like a cart of heavy stuff. His two minions (Alan and Jan) seem to have ditched him. I guess their excuses could be legitimate, but somehow I doubt that.

  • Phil wants to be a famous scientist one day. Well, I suppose Dr. Robotnik is pretty famous, but I would consider him more infamous than anything else. Anyway, I doubt Phil would want to chase a blue hedgehog around all day anyway.

  • Salt (boy fairy) practices aurora magic to no avail. I am actually a bit impressed with the character development shown in this show so far. I mean, I do not think it is amazing or anything, but for what it is, I underestimated it.

  • Phil wants to make the aurora containment chamber out of glass. I am not sure if that is a good idea. I would not want shards of glass exploding everywhere, but I know very little about science so I am probably just sounding like an idiot.

  • Saga starts imagining what Phil's experiment will be like when the fairies help. It actually seems pretty realistic to me as the result is an explosion with the fairies not helping much. This spurs her to help Robotnik Jr.

  • It seems like Salt is starting to warm up to Phil. I think it is a shame that Robotnik Jr. cannot see him.

  • Phil gathers a bunch of kids to see his experiment early in the morning. They are clearly not into it. Well, unless you count Saga's friends shipping her with Phil and giggling.

  • By the way, "Switch On" is translated here as ignition. Considering it is in English already, that kind of puzzles me.

  • With Salt's help, Robotnik Jr. is able to make a giant aurora. To be honest, I think it is pretty awesome. I apologize for the poor quality.

  • Saga is unable to tell Sugar what her dream is because the scene switches to some guy watching the aurora before getting back into his truck. Sorry if that made no sense.

  • I guess the guy was not random, it seems as though he is the "Bear Pianist".