The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



Sigh. In retrospect, all of this Lord Tedd stuff really just pisses me off, since at this rate, it won't be relevant for a decade.

Also, I always found that "Elliot as a cat" one REALLY awkward, even back when this was one of my favorite webcomics. Like, just, off, in ways that other comics in this arc aren't.

... not that they aren't all off in some way, but eh.

Good review.
BobCat 15th Feb 11
I think it was Shive trying to make it slightly dreamy, and making Elliot a real cat to imply helplessness as well as his cat state. I think it would have made more sense for her to save the cat, only for him to randomly turn into Elliot in the last panel. Of course, that idea might be shite as well...

Especially since my dreams tend to be REALLY blurry, confusing and jumpy. I know some people like Cakman can have ultra vivid dreams that he can remember perfectly, (while I'm lucky if my dream doesn't repeat 2-3 times in a single night, each time in a different way with me trying to recreate the first time it happened).
MrAHR 16th Feb 11 (edited by: MrAHR)
Yeah, I wish I could phrase better just why the cat-Elliot thing didn't work for me. It's just a feeling of uncomfortableness. Like, "really? This is what you're choosing to make?"
BobCat 16th Feb 11