The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



Y'know, I think that Nioi might be the most inconsequential character in the whole comic.

Not the worst character, though. That distinction goes to Noah.


Still, good commentary here. Also, thanks for the link to the cats thing. That's awesome.
BobCat 10th Feb 11
Actually, I'm shocked that Noah got introduced this soon. I'd completely forgotten him by the time he actually showed up and started having a semblance of a bearing on the plot.
BobCat 10th Feb 11
Mmmhmm. Even in the sketchbook, Shive later lampshades this, especially since by that point all Noah had gotten was that tiny little cameo with Melissa. Of course, it wasn't a very funny lampshade, but by Shive standards (up to this point) it wasn't THAT bad.

He has a trigger finger when it comes to drawing people, apparently. I get being obsessed with doodling something or someone (I'm an eye person meself), but that doesn't mean he needs to put it on the internet immediately.
MrAHR 11th Feb 11
You know, if there is a Knight Of Cerebus, I wonder if we could call Nioi a Knight Of Deus Ex Machina. Honestly, if the plot would require somebody to shit solid gold, she could do that, too.
eX 11th Feb 11 (edited by: eX)
That's it? The military is going to just give them some evaluations, and then release them? That makes no sense! They are escaped government experimentations! The government doesn't just let you leave. They would be taken right back to laboratories, but not given an ounce of freedom this time.
Cakman 11th Feb 11
In case you're wondering (since I was cryptic), here are the two lines that, to me, killed the comic strip.

1: I apologize if that was too much information. I comprehend the the need for secrets in our society, but I HATE keeping them.

YO. NUMBNUTS. A) you soundn like a frikkin' robot. That is the most stilted dialogue I've ever heard outside of intentionally stilted dialogue! B) THERE IS NOT SOCIETY IN THE HISTORY OF EVER IN WHICH SOME SECRETS DID NOT NEED TO BE KEPT.

2: My parents would still be alive.


That to me was the ultimate betrayal. We were promised Silly. I started reading this webcomic for Silly. The title of the storyline, which is still going on to this day, is Bringing Silly Back. But what do we get? "SECRETS ARE BAD 'CAUSE THEY KILLED MY PARENTS."
BobCat 11th Feb 11
To be fair to Shive, Noah is supposed to be robotic. He has always talked oddly.

As for the angst, I've ranted about that plenty in the actual egs thread in webcomics. When the time comes, I will desecrate the new arcs as eagerly as I have desecrated these —evil laughter—
MrAHR 11th Feb 11
Ah, so it was intentional. Very Interesting. But stupid.

Like, there's awkward dialogue that's fun to read, and then there's awkward dialogue that sounds like a teen author reaching for the thesaurus.

And sorry to get off topic with recent anger. It's just that rage at the last 6 months or so of comics is what brought me here.

And Cakman makes an excellent point. If Grace's project had been a secret, not approved by the government type thing, this would make sense. But every indication is that the government did want magic furries for... some reason.
BobCat 11th Feb 11
Yeah, Cak is good for seeing things I tend to miss. Unfortunately, since the format has gone from thread to review format, he has stopped commenting as much, due to not getting sufficient enough attention.
MrAHR 11th Feb 11
Then I'll just have to bring up how observant he is.
BobCat 11th Feb 11